On the Darkest Hours: When you Think of Giving Up Writing

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On the Darkest Hours: When You Think of Giving Up Writing


The writer lows suck. Based on my experience and research, all writers get them – the dark moments when you wonder if it matters. You ask: Does anything I write make a difference? Is there a point to it all? Should I set down my pen and walk away? Shouldn’t I be doing something else? Is this really what I want?


You must choose a path.


The question leads to one of two places.


Yes, only two places.


You want to make it more complicated than this, bring in outside factors like jobs and kids and dogs and school – in the end it boils down to one of two things:


  1. Write.
  2. Don’t write.


There is no judgement here.


Either you write or you do not.


Choose the path that works for you.


Scary or no, this is the life that called you.


You must respond to it.


If you are a writer, you must write.


You need to trust the path.


At Goddard, they said, “Trust the process.” I’m pretty sure when the tattoo artist was inking my arm, he wrote it on the inside of my skin.


If you’re a writer, you have the same tattoo, be it in ink or invisible ink.


You must believe.


Believe in yourself, your craft, your project.


You are the creator


the only person in the whole world


who knows


the characters


the plot


the piece.


You are the light in the darkness.


You are the only thing that stands between your creation and oblivion.


You must believe.


Have faith.


Have faith that will sustain you when the rest of everything falls to pieces.


Dog won’t stop barking?






Go for a walk. Then write.


Missing the love of your life, or still waiting for the right one to show up?




Write in the ER waiting rooms when necessary, but a writer must follow that string of knowledge down the dark hallways and bring light with them.


You need to trust your head, your heart, and your gut feelings.


We are not about making momentary ignites. We are into long-term lasting connections in our work and in our lives.


Aim for long-term happiness and trust you’ll hit the mark.


The art will sustain you like a breath of life.


Go write.


And now you know why I started DarWrites.


It was to get myself writing.


I hope it inspires you the way it inspires me.




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