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1,001 Plot Ideas to Get You Started is your key to unlocking unimagined stories!

Grab your writer’s notebook and favorite pen and get writing with inspiration!

Have you ever sat down to write, but hours later found yourself still staring at the blank page?

Have you ever thought, “if only I could get started, I could write my novel?” Well, my friend, this prompt book is for you!

DarWrites Writing Prompts

Rescued by a timeship going against orders, Kailia promises to set the timeline right and recover her one true love.

The Anelianist threat stands in her way? Can Kailia stop the extinction of her race and still save the man she loves?

Forbidden Timeline

Emma Smith’s life is about to change. After aliens attack Earth, her U.S. Air Force brothers save her and a few others as they rendezvous with others at the only liftoff site with a ship possible of escaping the enemy’s attack.

See what the future holds for humanity in Gliese 667.

The adage goes to write what you know, but I think you should write about what you love.

I love America.

So this book of poetry is for my America: may she stand strong in the face of any opponent. And may we always have the courage to stand for her.

Life, Liberty & the Rest of It

The Pocket Book of Inspiration: Pandemic Edition

A book of poetry for the modern woman. Poetry From the Heart: God, Guys, and the Rest of It is insightful and heartfelt.

Pick up this book if you lost a love or are in the mood for a laugh.

Julia Maraton has just woken to a living nightmare. The streets of Seattle are crawling with the walking dead. Joining a rag-tag group of survivors, the plan is to head North to Alaska.

But escaping Seattle was only the beginning. Now they must deal with desperate survivors, boatloads of zombies, a murderer. Joining forces with a boat of surviving Navy Seals and the few survivors picked up along the way they make their way to the fortified shelter of Julia’s home.

Julia Maraton is the Zombie Slayer.

Walk On

Writing as Brianna Flannigan:

The Pink Book of Romance

The Rose Book of Romance

100 Books Project

Free reads

Bones and Stones: An Anthropologist remembers some of the darkest and lightest times of her life while dealing with PTSD.

Day of the Dead: A breakup story with a twist.

The Legacy: The makings of a superhero.

The Shovel: Mom vs. a serial killer.