Interconnecting Stories with Brandy L Rivers

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SW 5Interconnecting stories, and why I love them, probably why I write them too.

Brandy L Rivers

[note – stay till the end for a cool preview of her newest novel, Sleepwalker!]


Some of my favorite authors write these enormous worlds where things connect if you’re paying attention. Where if you haven’t read the other series, you didn’t miss anything important, but if you were paying attention you found Easter Eggs.


Take a look at F Paul Wilson, who writers a lot of thriller, paranormal type stuff, and some medical thrillers and a whole host of other things. He has books from years ago that connect with books in newer series, and it’s awesome to be reading through and find the lines between them. I love it.


Stephen King does it too. So does Lauren Dane, JR Ward, and some of my other favorites. Those are just the ones I can think of right now.


I do my best to give little bits from my other stories, be it a side character, an organization, an event that effects more than the town in one series. My readers love to see characters from one series pop into the other.


Seems the more I write, the bigger my world gets, and even my contemporary has a couple ties to the paranormal series, and soon, I’ll be making mention of a couple contemporary characters in the paranormal.


Brandy L Rivers

Brandy L Rivers


Brandy L Rivers is a wife, mother of three, and self-admits an overactive imagination. She’s obsessed with monsters and magic and writes stories that keep her awake at night. She is a NYT and USA Today best-selling author.

Some of her favorite authors are Lauren Dane, JR Ward, Gena Showalter, and Laurell K. Hamilton.





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SLEEPWALKER is coming May 16th, 2017! You can preorder it here:

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