Zombie Slayer

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Prepare yourself for a bone-chilling journey into darkness with Zombie Slayer, a relentless horror tale that will haunt your nightmares. Step into the shoes of Julia Maraton, an ordinary girl thrust into an unimaginable nightmare— the streets of Seattle overrun by the walking dead.

To survive the blood-soaked chaos, Julia must forge an unlikely alliance with a motley crew of survivors. Trapped within the walls of the Westgate Center, they devise a desperate plan: make a treacherous journey North to Alaska, Julia’s ancestral home and the last bastion of hope.

But escaping Seattle is just the beginning. As they navigate through the harrowing landscape, they encounter not only hordes of ravenous zombies but also desperate, unpredictable fellow survivors. Amidst the terror, a chilling revelation emerges— there’s a murderer lurking among them, shattering trust and sowing paranoia.

United with a valiant boat of surviving Navy Seals and other unsuspecting survivors they encounter, they embark on a treacherous voyage towards the fortified sanctuary of Julia’s childhood home. However, Julia’s resolve is put to the ultimate test as she faces heart-wrenching choices that hold the fate of humanity in the balance.

In this spine-tingling saga, Julia Maraton emerges as the indomitable Zombie Slayer, battling both the undead and her own inner demons. Will she sacrifice everything to ensure the survival of the human race?

Brace yourself for a horrifying descent into the abyss as you join Julia on her quest for redemption and face the twisted, relentless forces of the undead. Zombie Slayer will leave horror aficionados trembling with anticipation for what lies beyond the realm of the living.



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