Zombie Slayer

Zombie Slayer


Zombie Slayer is the story of Julia Maraton, a normal girl who woke in a living nightmare: the streets of Seattle are crawling with the walking dead. In order to survive she must band together with a rag-tag group of survivors. After hashing it out while trapped in the Westgate Center, they formulate a plan: head North to Alaska and Julia’s family home.

Escaping Seattle is only the beginning; now they must deal with desperate survivors and zombies running amok. Zombies are on boats, in the water, and on land. They must also deal with a murderer in their midst. The survivors join forces with a boat of surviving Navy Seals and the few survivors they find along the way to the fortified shelter of Julia’s childhood home.

Julia risks the fate of humanity as well as her heart to ensure there is a future for the human race, and ultimately makes a decision which effects everyone.

Julia Maraton is the Zombie Slayer.



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