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I’m your tour guide and writing buddy, Darlene. I’m a dedicated author, freelance writer, and anthropological renaissance woman. I’m also one of the few people that can say she has a poem in space! I have written all my life, but started DarWrites in 2010 to help writers level up their writing craft. Since then, I have accumulated a wealth of writing experience including: articles, books, corporate copy, educational, manuals, promotional materials, research, resumes, technical documents, web copy, and more. My goal is to write educational, entertaining, and inspiring content that helps you level up your craft and connect with readers.


Freelance Writing Clients

Maybe it’s time for some help. I’m a freelance writer and anthropological renaissance woman. This means I can help you make content engaging and interesting. I’m the one to turn to when you need an anthropology/ researching master geek for help connecting with clients and readers.

If you’re a client in need of quality content including website copy, blog content, ebooks, or more, please take a look my Freelance Writer page and what Freelance Services I offer. I want to help you! Please contact me. I am accepting project now.



If you’re interested in fiction or nonfiction, please check out my Writer’s Cave for books, articles, and more! Writers are welcome to check out the DarWrites blog for craft insights, fun prompts, and more. I created this writing cave to help you level up your writing – and learn from my hits and misses. Writing is a solo sport, but we need to come out of our hobbit holes sometime!

Book reviewing

If you’re interested in book reviews, or if you are an author with a book that needs reviewing, check out Darlene’s Book World. I am a Book Dragon who adores reading as much as writing and am partial to worlds that make me leave this one – a good plot, a character I want to be or want to know, and a world unlike any other are my favorites! Check out my Book Dragon Manifesto. If you’re not sure if a book is my cup of tea, contact me – I’ll let you know. I have specific reviewing criteria which can be found here.



Welcome, Book Dragons! I have a corner of the world dedicated to you! I love my readers and fans. Thank you so much for your support and well-wishes. I love talking to book people of all kinds – and am open to conversations about books! If you want to contact me, I answer all emails. Check out some of the books or articles I’ve written on my Author page, or books I’ve reviewed at Darlene’s Book World. Want to know what I love to read? Want to read like a Book Dragon? Check out How to Read Like a Book Dragon: a Reader’s Manifesto.


I hope you enjoy this corner of the internet dedicated to words, love, and light! Below you’ll find the latest posts from DarWrites, a fun and informational writing blog started in 2010 and reinvented in 2016. This blog is dedicated to writers who search for inspiration, information, and want to explore their writing journeys.

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