The Pink Book of Romance

The Pink Book of Romance


Writing as Brianna Flannigan, I’d like to introduce you to the Pink Book of Romance.

Fall in love with the romantic stories in this collection including: The Christmas Wish, Cuppa, High School Reunion, Blue Eyes, Hands On, Mountain Dreams, The Commander and I, This Dream, and Three Doors Down.

In The Christmas Wish, one woman gets her wish of true love. In Cuppa, one soldier gets more than coffee when he stops into a world-famous coffee house. One couple reunites after years of separation in High School Reunion. True love exists in Blue Eyes as a soldier falls for the woman of his dreams just before deployment. In Hands On, a handyman gets more than he bargains for when his friend’s little sister helps out with the renovation. A hike turns into happily-ever-after in Mountain Dreams. The Commander finds his true love in the Commander and I. A woman finally connects with the love of her life in This Dream. The mathematician and his ex-student combust in Three Doors Down.

Enjoy the nine short stories in this collection of romances: The Pink Book of Romance. This book is dedicated to the woman in search of a dream—the dream of the perfect man. I hope you find him soon. Until you do, feel free to come and enjoy the men of my dreams.They’re waiting for you!


The Pink Book of Romance