Forbidden Timeline

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Lieutenant Kalia Berosana of the Aurellian Timeship Venture wants to know what happened to her and her crew. After waking on the bridge, Kailia finds it in chaos, her Captain and the crew dead, and her prototype artificial intelligence unit Samma running the ship. Once life support is restored, Kailia finds she is not alone only to be attacked. Commander Cam Hayes orders the ailing ship into a far-flung corner of the galaxy in a offshoot timeline on a planet called Earth. Stranded on a planet of aliens, Cam finds Kailia irresistible, but they are found out. A race across the planet ensues, but one of them won?t make it off the planet alive. Rescued by a timeship going against orders, Kailia promises to set the timeline right and recover her one true love. The Anelianist threat stands in her way? Can Kailia stop the extinction of her race and still save the man she loves?

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