Setting Writing Goals: May 2017

Setting Writing Goals: May 2017

Hey, writer, how’s it going?

Did you write in May?

I hope you did. I hope you scheduled time to write and followed through with your promise to your art.

I did a lot of soul searching, teaching, and writing. This month, I focused on working on my novel, The Divantinum Project: Wastling and teaching my workshop Anthropology, Archaeology, & Romance.

At the end of each month, I do a recap to see what I did the previous month and what I want to work on next month to move my writing career forward. Let’s look at what I did in May and what I can improve on for next month.

May Writing Goals DarWrites


What really happened in May:

I didn’t write every day [shocker!], but I did hit four of my six mini goals!

I finished The Artist’s Way. I’m tenacious and as usual wasn’t going to quit until I finished what I started, and now I can say I’ve had a few insights in the last two months.

I taught my Anthropology, Archaeology, and Romance workshop. I was really excited about this because of the way I set it up – it wasn’t just a writing workshop – it was a deep-dive into science and writing and a fusion of the ideas.

I wrote two + blog entries every week. It’s habit now – and I’ve been looking for ways to level up my craft. Each week, I pick a topic and learn about it, and then I apply it to my work.

I published several reviews.

I sent out 20 pitches.

0 guest posts – mostly because I was focused on writing.

I looked for a teaching position and compiled a list of potential jobs that I’m applying to.

I networked with writers and readers. I could have done more here and want to over the next few months.

I invited writers to my blog and to share my writing life.



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Guest Bloggers

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The Recap

The lowest low

So many pitches. I’ve learned a few techniques to deal with these feelings, how to focus, and how to do everything I can on my end, and then realize that when I send something out into the universe, it may or may not come back to me. All I can do is all I can do.


The highest high

Finishing the FF&P Workshop. I met so many writers who have the passion and love for it that I do. It was my honor to teach them. If I won a few over to the idea that anthropology can be used in fiction, I’ve done my job [and it can, even if your character isn’t Indiana Jones or Lara Croft].


So. June.

I’ve got a three-day MPS [monthly planning session] for next month! Will post on my goals next week.

Until then: keep dreaming, reading, writing, and playing.

Write on,


Slide4If you’ve enjoyed this and other blog entries, you can follow it here! Keep up-to-date on other writing happenings too! Coming soon – an online RPG writer’s course.

And if you or anyone you know needs a writer, please keep me in mind. I’m available for new projects now!

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  1. I especially liked your “lowest low” and “highest high” features – I think it’s really good to look back and pick out the best and the worst, so that you can keep perspective and not get lost in a day-to-day routine. Nice, Dar!

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