Top 10 Things to Ignite Writing Creativity

Top 10 Things to Ignite Writing Creativity.jpg

Ignite your love of writing!


What makes you love writing?

10. Go outside and write in the sunshine.  Walk on the beach with a dog or stick your feet in the sand and feel the connection to our home. The chair and table outside is a great place to plot.  I don’t have a glare screen on my computer so whenever I write outside I use a notebook and pen.  It makes me focus on what I love…why  I got into this in the first place.

9. Write what makes you happiest.  It doesn’t matter if it’s fiction, articles, or just lists.  Everything is needed somewhere.  And if you write what makes you happy you will in turn radiate happiness.  And then everyone around you is happy.  It’s a chain effect.  When a butterfly flaps its wings in China you will get sunshine here in Washington.

8. See your writing as a movie in your head.  The first thing I do when I wake up is focus on what I want to write about and picture it as a movie in my mind.  Then I grab a cup of coffee and sit down and write.

7. Google any combination of the words fun and writing.  You’re guaranteed to get something interesting. Need inspiration? Check out these links:

How to Know When You Should Be Writing 

The Artist’s Way 

40 Way to Stay Creative 

The Summer Day by Mary Oliver

6. Take a photo that you’ve never seen before and write 1000 words on it in 10 minutes.  Not only is it fun, but you’re going to get product out of this too.

5. Run away for the day.  I recently ran away to Seattle for a daytrip.  And I have a ton of new ideas and characters because of it.

4. Re-read favorite books.  This counts if it is the Boxcar Children or the most contemporary novel on your shelf.  Take the themes from the novel and expand on them.  See where it takes you.  How would you approach a similar novel?

3. Secret.  Whenever I get stuck I throw a ninja in the mix and keep going.  I don’t stop.  I always go back and word search ‘ninja’ and rework it.

2. Play the ‘what if’ game.  What if my character quits and goes golfing?  What if a meteor shower knocks out the power?  What if they only have five minutes on the ticking bomb?  This is really useful if you get stuck.  See what happens.

1. My favorite, just ask my writing group.  Set a crazy goal like 2567 words in 30 minutes and go for it.  Write really fast.  Some things sneak out from the cobwebs in your mind when you’re writing really fast.  And you may just find a new lead that you never saw before.

 Do what it takes to motivate the writer inside yourself.  It’s up to you to nurture the inner writer and make sure she gets water and fed too.  Writing is a job, but it’s one of the most fun jobs I’ve ever had.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Write on, Darlene

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About Darlene Reilley

I'm Darlene, a Book Author, Associate Editor and Journalist. I am the author of 16 books including Gliese 667, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of It, and 1,001 Plots to Get You Started. I'm an Associate Editor and Journalist with more than three years of experience creating content. My work has been published in The Vernal Express, The Uintah Basin Standard, The Basin Nickel Ads, the Harbor Light Newspaper, FFPRWA, Hearts Through History RWA, and DarWrites. Before I became a journalist, I was a freelancer creating content for websites and individuals. I now cover a variety of topics including travel, history, anthropology, business, politics, and current affairs. I am a geek turning jargon into plain speech.
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14 Responses to Top 10 Things to Ignite Writing Creativity

  1. Julie says:

    Great strategies! I’ll be filing this away for future use and sharing it with friends!

  2. Pamela List says:

    I love number 1! I need to write longer post but I am just so busy! Sharing with my Mastermind Group tonight.

  3. kaylaraeweb says:

    Awesome tips! I will for sure be coming back to this article when I need inspiration! I love writing for fun and these are great ideas to help get the creative juices flowing! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Thank you I go through spells, some days I have lots to write or days I struggle to fill up a page. I love the Artist’s Way it was a great book.

  5. These are some rather unique ideas for getting the writing fingers moving. I haven’t tried many of these or even heard of them. Thank you for giving me out of the box ideas.

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