DarWrites Book Review Criteria

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The following criteria will be used by DarWrites to evaluate book submissions. One thing to note: I try to keep personal bias out of the reviewing bucket, but I’m human and it could happen.

yellow-star-hi  I couldn’t finish it – something about the book put me off. I fell asleep or reached the first milestone (end of the third chapter) and nothing grabbed my attention. I wouldn’t read it again.

yellow-star-hiyellow-star-hi I finished it, but it took some work. There may have been a few redeeming values in areas of the book, but nothing that made me want to take action and buy the author’s entire bibliography. It may have been a boring plot, had bland characters, felt stale, or had other problems. I wouldn’t read it again.

yellow-star-hiyellow-star-hiyellow-star-hiIt was a solid book. I think three stars is a good rating – a writer has to do something exceptional to get above three stars. It didn’t push the envelope, but it had a few things that were done well. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it. I probably wouldn’t read it again, but I would recommend it.

yellow-star-hiyellow-star-hiyellow-star-hiyellow-star-hiI liked it. It entertained me or I learned something. Just about everything was right. It was a good book, and there were a lot of things done nicely. The plot was strong and well-paced. The characters were fleshed out and had full arcs. If it’s a series, I want to read the rest. I would recommend this.   

yellow-star-hiyellow-star-hiyellow-star-hiyellow-star-hiI loved it. It spoke to me. It was engaging with characters I wish were my friends and I want to binge read the whole series in a weekend. I want more…now. It was engaging, innovative, or thought-provoking. I connected on an emotional level and it captivated me. Put down what you’re doing and read this now.

About Darlene Reilley

I'm Darlene, a Book Author and Content Writer. I am the author of 16 books including Gliese 667, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of It, and 1,001 Plots to Get You Started. I’m also a freelancer content creator. My work has been published in DarWrites, FFPRWA, Hearts Through History RWA, Harbor Light Newspaper, The Vernal Express, The Uintah Basin Standard and The Basin Nickel Ads.
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