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Bones and Stones

  Bones and Stones Darlene Reilley   Every student of history knows there are two truths: the written truth which is clean and tidy; and the real truth, which is messy and dirty. This is my truth—the one you won’t … Continue reading

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My Top 3 Writer Insecurities and 3 Things to Combat Them

    Hey, writers! How are you doing? Did you write last week? Are you writing this week? Today we are covering a special topic, one that applies to every writer I have ever met from newbies to professionals. I … Continue reading

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Train to Writing: a Writer’s Journey

If you’ve ever dove off a cliff into a lake, you know the most terrifying moment isn’t when you’re safe on the ground looking down, it’s the moment after you’ve stepped off the ledge and you think, oh, shit, I hope I don’t hit a rock. Then the water rushes as you plunge down to it and you hit and sink and pray. Writing is like that. Confession: recently I’ve questioned who I am as a writer and if I have the chops and want to do this job. Continue reading

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Tameri Etherton Update

Tameri sent us a shot of her portable writing station in Scotland! I can see you writing there! And what inspiration for a clean and ordered desk! Happy writing, Tameri and thanks for thinking of us! Darlene

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Anthropology, Archaeology, & Romance A Workshop for Writers

Hello! I’m really excited that FF&P, a chapter of the Romance Writers of America, has offered to host my Anthropology, Archaeology & Romance class for writers in May! This fun, inclusive workshop will merge my two loves: writing and anthropology! … Continue reading

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