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Star Spangled Life

  Star Spangled Life Darlene Reilley   Flags fly high across this boundless sky. I’m just a writer with a simple dream To stand with fellow patriots and live a star spangled life.   Times are hard, belts are tight. … Continue reading

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A Retail Poem 2020

A Retail Poem Darlene Reilley   Fold paper Stock stock Chat chat chat Fold shirts Smile like you mean it Red bull wings! Clean everything. Again. Bonjour. Hallo. Herzlich Willkommen. Hold. Fold shirts. Yes. No, but nicely. Yes. Oui. Ja. … Continue reading

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COVID Poem 2020

COVID Poem #2 2020 Darlene Reilley   People drip like faucet water coming and going without a care. I don’t dare step in their zone. No masks careless nothing but fragile smiles and “I had to get away” “My apartment … Continue reading

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The Power Within

The Power Within: A Poem for Humanity Darlene Reilley   You speak of equality. You speak of generalities. But you only see The pigment on me.   I stand here to say I am more than the color of my … Continue reading

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The Space Between Words by Heather Sargent

Hey, writers! Please welcome hybrid writer Heather Sargent to DarWrites! Heather specializes in weaving poetry and prose – her work is really cool and I think you’ll like her advice on “The Space Between Words!” Take it away, Heather! The … Continue reading

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A Letter-Poem Work in Progress

  Dear Writer Girl, You say you want to write. But you’re not. Babe, you said years and years ago when you started this that you were in it for the long term.   But it comes in ebbs and … Continue reading

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American Girl

American Girl Darlene Reilley   I’m red white and blue from my head down to my cowboy boots, I can belt out a country song as well as anyone. I’m an American Girl. I’ve got family going back a while. … Continue reading

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An Ode to Tolkien

Tolkien is one of our best writers. If you haven’t read his epic odyssey, I would encourage you to. No copyright infringement intended – this was written to honor the master of Fantasy. Ode to Tolkein: The Hobbit Story Darlene … Continue reading

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Art & Yeats: the Wild Swans at Coole

Come with me on an experiment into the world of poetry. During my time at Goddard, I wrote a lot of things, but the coolest (besides the novel) is a hybrid cross-genre of poetry and review. In this piece, I … Continue reading

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