Poetry From the Heart

One Writer’s Dream

What you see here is a collection of poetry that has taken (dare I say?) 15 years to put together.
Poetry From the Heart: God, Guys, and the Rest of It” is finished. Read on to  learn about my little writing secret.

Pause a second, wait…let  me catch my breath, I feel old. Okay, sorry about that, but it’s true-I started  this when I was a teen and kept going…scribbling…in my notebooks. Over the  years people ask me what I’m scribbling away in my spare minutes. Well, friends, here it is. This writer’s secret…I write poetry. A moment, please, to let me explain: poetry in itself is not a secret. I’ve loved it since Dr. Seuss. I’ve  always felt that my poetry came second to my fiction writing…not because one is  better than the other, but because in my heart it felt that books…large  beautiful books…were more weighty on the world.

And so, in my spare time, I scribbled away in dozens of notepads: everything from wireless bound notebooks to the fancy red Italian leather ones. I’ve always felt more comfortable in wire-bound notebooks and the fancy Italian one barely got a few pages in…nothing felt worthy of that beautiful book. It’s still in my closet (We’ll talk about that later).

Over the years I’ve slipped about my little writng secret. People who know are few and far between…until now. For years the people who have known about my poetry encouraged me to release it (some non-stop, you know who you are). Occasionally
I have let a poem or two out into the sunshine. I’ve won the Poetry.com’s Editor’s Poem of the Month Award twice. Poems are flying around out there like little white butterflies after my strawberry patch.

And now I release my secret into the world and hope you all enjoy it. My poetry collection is being published with Createspace. The proof copy is beautiful and approved. People who have clammored, your wish is granted.For more information or to purchase Poetry From the Heart, click here: POETRY ME

Thank you,



2 Responses to Poetry From the Heart

  1. Lanora Karth says:

    I love your writing style genuinely loving this site. “My home is not a place, it is people.” by Lois McMaster Bujold.

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