My 2015 Booklist

Interested in good books? Check out my reading list for 2015!


Achebe. Things Fall Apart.

Anderson, Poul. Strangers from Earth.

Aristotle, Ethics.

Aristotle. Poetics.

Asimov. People in the Sky.

Aster. The New York Trilogy.

Bradbury. Zen in the Art of Writing.

Calvino. Invisible Cities.

Carson, Rachel. Silent Spring.

Cassagrande, June. It Was the Best of Sentences, It Was the Worst of Sentences.

Chaucer. The Canterbury Tales.

Chesey. Getting the Words Right.

Cline. Armada. (available in June)

Condie, Ally. Matched.

Cooper. SFWA Handbook.

Delany. Babel 17.

Delany. Dhalgren.

Dick, Phillip K. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Dickenson, Emily. Poems.

Didion. The Year of Magical Thinking.

Dilliard, Annie. The Writing Life.

DiMenichi, Sharlee. The Complete Guide to Joining the Peace Corps.

Frost, Robert. A Boy’s Will.

Frost, Robert. Mountain Interval.

Frost, Robert. North of Boston.

Gardner, John. On Becoming a Novelist.

Grace. Backpack and Bra Straps.

Grant. Feed.

Griffenhagen. Haiku for the Single Girl.

Herbert. Dune.

Homer. Illiad.

Homer. Oddysey.

Hough, Jason M. The Darwin Elevator.

James, Henry. Turn of the Screw.

Kafka. Metamorphosis.

Kaku. Physics of the Impossible.

Kanego. Meditations on the Art of Writing.

Kass. The 100.

Kerouac. On the Road.

King, Stephen. The Shining.

King, Stephen. Under the Dome.

Kinkade. Straight from the Horse’s Mouth.

Kleon, Austin. Show Your Work.

Knost, Michael. Writer’s Workshop of Science Fiction & Fantasy.

Lama, Dali. The Art of Happiness.

Lamott. Help, Thanks, Wow.

Le Guin. Earth Sea trilogy.

Maass. Fire in Fiction.

McAleer, Andrew. The 101 Habits of Highly Successful Novelists.

McCaffrey. Dragonflight.

McCarthy, Cormac. The Road.

McClamchan. Word Painting.

Meyer, Marissa. Cinder.

Miller. Canticle for Lebowitz.

de Montaigne, Michel. Essays.

Nelson, Victoria. On Writer’s Block.

O’Conner, Flannery. Collected Stories.

Orwell. Why I Write.

Ovid. Herodities.

Palahniuk. Fight Club.

Phillips. The Second Ship.

Plath, Sylvia. The Bell Jar.

Plato. Apology, Crito, and Phaedo.

Prose. Reading Like a Writer.

Purpura, Lia. Glaciology.

Reeves, Judy. A Writer’s Book of Days.

Rorehauser. Nasty Little Writing Book.

Rosenfeld. Make a Scene.

Shakespeare. Hamlet.

Shakespeare. MacBeth.

Shakespeare. The Merchant of Venice.

Shakespeare. Othello.

Sheffield, Charles. Aftermath.

Sheffield, Charles. Starfire.

Stephenson. Cryptonomicon.

Stephenson. Snow Crash.

Strayed, Cheryl. Tiny Beautiful Things.

Stoker. The Jewel of Seven Stars.

Talse. Speak.

Thomsen, Moritz. Living Poor.

Tiberghein, Susan. One Year to a Writing Life.

Virgil. The Aenid.

Vogler, Christopher. The Writer’s Journey.

Vonnegut. Breakfast of Champions.

Wallace. Infinite Jest.

Wells, Herbert George. H. G. Wells: The Complete Short Story Collection.

Welty, Eudora. Collected Stories of Eudora Welty.

Wilde, Oscar. The Canterville Ghost.

Wilson. Robot Uprising.

Woolf, Virginia. Mrs. Dallway.


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