The 100 Books Project

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I’m going to write 100 books.

That’s right, one hundred books.

Everyone has to have a dream, right?

In my life. If I go over that, great. If I hit fifty and decide to call it quits, I’m going to open that “Open When” letter over there that was created just for that particular scenario. I will do my best not to tap out. What I will do is write about what I love. My goal is to inspire the future of humanity by creating one hundred awesome works of art! I hope you enjoy it too!

I’m really excited about this – and I’m not going to restrict myself to a particular genre – I want to write one hundred books focusing on my favorite topics – and I hope that you’ll stick with me for this journey. Here we go…

  1. Zombie Slayer
  2. The Forbidden Timeline
  3. Poetry from the Heart
  4. Ghost Book 1 (I’m totally counting it even though I can’t claim it – I wrote it!)
  5. 1,001 Plots to Get You Started
  6. Ghost Book 2
  7. Ghost Book 3
  8. Writing as Brianna Flannigan: The Pink Book of Romance
  9. DarWrites: Writing Prompts
  10.  Ghost Book 4
  11. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of It
  12. Brianna Flannigan: The Rose Book of Romance
  13. The Pocket Book of Inspiration: Pandemic Edition
  14. Walk On
  15. Ghost Book 5
  16. Gliese 667
  17. Coming soon: The Divantinum Project: Wastling
  18. Coming soon: Anthropology & Archaeology for Writers
  19. Coming soon: End Game
  20. Coming soon: The Divantinum Project: Rebel
  21. Coming soon: Eros in Ancient Greece
  22. Coming soon: Marriage of Convenience
  23. Coming soon:: The Divantinum Project: Goddess
  24. Coming soon: SFR: how to write science fiction romance
  25. Coming soon: A writer’s book of words
  26. Coming soon: The Resilient Patriot
  27. T.B.D.

What I’m Working on Now


The Divantinum Project is a science fiction romance series featuring an amnesiac half-goddess/half-Altarian who holds the key to saving the human race from the invaders known as the Skitádi. Can Erica harness the power of the light and defeat Earth’s enemies? Let’s find out together.

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