Links for Readers & Writers

Helpful Links for Bookdragon Readers:

My Blog

Goodreads – While you’re on here, friend me! I love talking about books and getting recommendations from voracious readers!

Recommended Reading

Sci Fi & Fantasy Reviews

26 Sci-Fi Books to Read

The Galaxy Express

What Should I Read Next? 


Poetry Foundation


Links for Ninja Writers:

Darlene Reilley

Writer’s Planner 2017

201 Ways to Arouse your Creativity        

Fifteen Minutes of Fiction           

The Scriptorium               

Pumping your Muse                      

Writer’s Fun                                      

Freelance Writing Jobs                

Freelance Writing                           

National Novel Writing Month  


Adobe Pagemaker                         

SFR Brigade                                       

11 Rules of Writing, Grammar, and Punctuation

Common Errors in English Usage              

Grammar Now!                                               


US Copyright Pseudonyms         

Random Name Generator          

Themes and Variations                 

Romance Writers of America     

Writing World                                   

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America     

Project Muse                                    

Book Themes                   

Writers Digest                                  

Eharlequin Write for Us                


Fiction Factor                                    

Funds for Writers                            

Media Bistro                                     

National Endowment for the Arts            

Pacific Northwest Writers Association   

Writing for Dollars                           

Writers Weekly                                

List of Crayon Colors                      

Write or Die                                       

July Novel Writing Month            

Suite 101                                             

Absolute Write Water Cooler    

Critique Circle                                   


The Writers Site                                               

The Writer’s Chatroom                                               


Writers Café                                      

Absolute Write                                

The Organized Writer                    

Advice for Aspiring Writers from Toni Morrison 

Horror Writers Association          

Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy        

SFF Net Resource for Writers & Publishers           

Seventh Sanctum                           

Make a Living Writing                    

Purdue Online Writing Lab          

The Authors Guild                          


So you want to be a published writer?

Word Tips

Writing for Theater and Film

MFA Programs:

TAM Department of English       

Rainier Writing Workshop           

Goddard College

Author Links:

Gina Koch                                           

Linnea Sinclair                                   

Sarah Jayne Carr

Chris Weigand


Other Helpful Links:


29 Semi-Productive Things I do Online…


Cooltext Logo Maker                     


Meet New Books                                          

Sign Generators

UFO History & Folklore

What Should I Read Next?                                 



Have a link you want to see here?  Email me at with the name of the page and the link. You just might see it on here later!

Enjoy and Write on!  Darlene


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