Darlene’s Publication List

Welcome to my publication list. Feel free to pull up a chair, grab an article or book off the shelf, and stay a while. I’m liking my favorite books, articles, and more here. If you need a writer, please contact me.

Print and Online Publications

Books and Short Stories

I am quoted by Chris Baty in No Plot, No Problem, revised and expanded edition. Chronicle  Books. 2014.

Writing under a pseudonym. —————. Spanaway: Createspace. 2014.

Bump Off Your Enemies“Shattered Dreams.” In Bump Off Your Enemies.








1,001 plots to get you started1,001 Plot Ideas to Get You Started

1,001 Plot Ideas to Get You Started is your key to unlocking unimagined stories! Perfect for the new writer or for advanced writers looking to branch out. Grab your writer’s notebook and favorite pen and get writing with inspiration!






“Day of the Dead.” In Student Literary Arts Magazine. Michael Darcher, Sharon Russell,  Kathy Swart, Corrina Wycoff, Deborah Bransford, Andrew Bussey, Kevin Gray, Darlene Reilley (eds.), Tacoma: Consolidated Press. 2012. 22-31. Print.



Forbidden Timeline

Lieutenant Kalia Berosana of the Aurellian Timeship Venture wants to know what happened to her and her crew. After waking on the bridge, Kailia finds it in chaos, her Captain and the crew dead, and her prototype artificial intelligence unit Samma running the ship. Once life support is restored, Kailia finds she is not alone only to be attacked. Commander Cam Hayes orders the ailing ship into a far-flung corner of the galaxy in a offshoot timeline on a planet called Earth. Stranded on a planet of aliens, Cam finds Kailia irresistible, but they are found out. A race across the planet ensues, but one of them won?t make it off the planet alive. Rescued by a timeship going against orders, Kailia promises to set the timeline right and recover her one true love. The Anelianist threat stands in her way? Can Kailia stop the extinction of her race and still save the man she loves?


Zombie Slayer


Julia Maraton has just woken to a living nightmare. The streets of Seattle are crawling with the walking dead. Joining a rag-tag group of survivors, the plan is to head North to Alaska. But escaping Seattle was only the beginning. Now they must deal with desperate survivors, boatloads of zombies, a murderer. Joining forces with a boat of surviving Navy Seals and the few survivors picked up along the way they make their way to the fortified shelter of Julia’s home. Gambling the fate of humanity as well as her heart, Julia risks everything to ensure there is a future for the human race, ultimately making a decision that will effect us all. Julia Maraton is the Zombie Slayer.



OSIRIS Rex“We Are the Explorers.” On the OSIRIS-REx Asteriod Sample Return Mission

I always wanted to go to space. The people at NASA are my heroes. While it isn’t possible to travel to another planet (yet), my words can. I entered my poem, “We are the Explorers” in a contest and my poem is now traveling to the asteroid Bennu. If it successfully returns, it and other poems and art will be placed in a museum. Yay for space travel and inspiring the next generation!


Reviews and Abstracts

 The Stones of Kaldaar Review. DarWrites. 04/14/17

Art & Yeats: The Wild Swans at Coole. DarWrites. 3/22/17

Pathos, Ethos, and Logos in Chinua Achee’s Things Fall Apart. DarWrites. 3/16/17

Review: Frank Herbert’s Dune. DarWrites. 3/16/17

Believable Trauma in Octavia Butler’s Fledgling. DarWrites. 2/8/17



Online Posts and Guest Blogs

Tips on Writing a Non-Linear Narrative

The Necklace

For the Love of Science Fiction Romance

Makah Cultural Journeys 2014

Neah Bay

Hello from Neah Bay


Media, Photography, and Social Media

Canoeing. In Wang Center J-Term Study Away Flier. Pacific Lutheran University. 11/15

I’ve written social media posts for the Mortvedt Library and other clients.


Poetry From the HeartPoetry from the Heart: God, Guys, and the Rest of It. Spanaway, WA: Createspace. 2011.








My Sister, the Soldier, and Her Friends. Beliefnet.com. 3/22/08.

Amazed. Poetry.com. 2007.

Me and Mulder. Poetry.com. 2007.

Living with My Head Under Water. Poetry.com. Nd.



DarWrites Blog


This is a website dedicated to my writing journey – it changes as I do, but as always is dedicated to entertaining, educational, and inspiring content! Here are a few of my favorite entries.

How to Start Freelance Writing Part 3: The Website

Writing Prompts from 1,001 Plot Ideas to Get You Started

How to Start Freelance Writing Part 2: The Plan

On Writing a First-Draft Novel

How to Start Freelance Writing Part 1: My Story

Train to Writing: a Writer’s Journey

Anthropology, Archaeology, & Romance: A Workshop for Writers



Writing for Clients

Since 2010, I have freelanced for clients covering many topics. Here are a few of the topics I’ve covered:

  • budget and finance
  • career advice
  • corporate copy
  • real estate and home improvement
  • relationships
  • research
  • resumes
  • social media
  • web copy
  • writing

The Harbor Light Newspaper

Like many writers, I fell for fiction first because stories are what I first loved, but I also understood the need to put words to work in nonfiction. I got my start way back in the 90s, covering sports for the Harbor Light newspaper in my home town of Harbor Springs, Michigan.



Professional Presentations

Workshops & Teaching Experiences

Anthropology, Archaeology, & Romance, FF&P RWA, 2017

Mastering Worldbuilding and the Anthropology of Writing, Goddard College, 2016

Working the Weird in Science Fiction, Goddard Teaching Practicum, Starbucks, 2015

Working the Weird in Science Fiction, Goddard Teaching Practicum, SAMi, 2015

National Novel Writing Month Kickoff Workshop, South Hill Library, with Ang Bouma and Chris Weigand, 2013

National Novel Writing Month Kickoff Workshop, South Hill Library, with Ang Bouma, 2012

Beginning Writer’s Workshop, Ink and Ingenuity, Pierce College, 2012

How to Knit a Plot Bunny, Pierce College, 2011

National Novel Writing Month Kickoff Workshop, Parkland/Spanaway Library, 2011

National Novel Writing Month Kickoff Workshop, Parkland/Spanaway Library, 2010

Speaker: Sumner Write in the Valley, Sumner Library, 2010

National Novel Writing Month Kickoff Workshop, Pierce County Library, 2009


Lectures and Presentations on Campus

Senior Thesis: The Divantinum Project, Goddard College, 2017

Speech on Writing, Goddard College, 2017

Mastering Worldbuilding and the Anthropology of Writing, Goddard College, 2016

For the Love of Science Fiction, Goddard College, 2016

Anthropology Capstone: Women of Ozette: Engendering the Past through Biogenetics and Spatial Analysis of Basketry, PLU, 2014


Readings & Speaking Engagements

The Divantinum Project, Goddard College, 2016

The Divantinum Project, Goddard College, 2015

The Divantinum Project, Reading, Goddard College, 2014

Daughter of Another Star, PLU, 2014

Meditations, PLU, 2013

A Conversation with Charles Darwin, PLU, 2013

“Day of the Dead,” Pierce College Student Literary Arts Function, 2012

Host, Ink and Ingenuity’s SLAM, Pierce College, 2012

“Michigan Me,” Open Mic Night, Pierce College, 2012

 Speaker: Sumner Write in the Valley, 2010


Undergraduate Lectures

Ambiguity and Poly-perspectives in Nectar in a Sieve, PLU, 2014

Decolonizing Relationship with Nature, PLU, 2014

On Using Visual Media (with Noel Raetz), PLU, 2014

Gendered Shifts in the Southwest and the Great Basin, PLU, 2013

The Green Revolution (with Elizabeth Tipple), PLU, 2013

Joseph Powell and the First Americans, PLU, 2013

Namahage, PLU, 2013

The Third Place, PLU, 2013

Consequences of Genetic Engineering (with Taylor Cox and Megan Larsen), PLU, 2012

The Mathematics of Science Fiction (with Kristine Beebee), Pierce College, 2012