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Welcome, book lover!

This corner of the internet is dedicated to the introverted book reader who as a youngster crawled under the covers and read by flashlight. The person who waited in line for hours for a book release and then stayed up all night reading just to finish the book!

We’ll be celebrating all things book-related including bookshelf tours, discussions, reviews, and more. I’ll also be covering how writers can learn from novels the way I did in the last few years — and it changed my writer life!

Come celebrate the written word with me.

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Book Reviews & Recommendations

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Art & Yeats: the Wild Swans at Coole

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Recommended Reading Part 1

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Interviews & Visiting Writers

Mamma Writes: On Writing and Teaching Creative Writing by Alexandra Panic

Don’t Melt with Chris Weigand

Tameri Etherton Interview


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