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My Top 11 Favorite Anthropology Topics

  My Top 11 Favorite Anthropology Topics Darlene Reilley   Archaeology I started with archaeology and come back to it every time. If I weren’t a writer, I’d be at a dig site, buried in dirt up to my elbows…and … Continue reading

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Orphaned Puppy Writing Prompt

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Writer on the Go Checklist

Writing is hard. Finding the time to write in blocks with life and family can be stressful. One way to mitigate the tension is to create your own Writer on the Go Kit. Here is a handy free checklist for … Continue reading

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Train to Writing: a Writer’s Journey

If you’ve ever dove off a cliff into a lake, you know the most terrifying moment isn’t when you’re safe on the ground looking down, it’s the moment after you’ve stepped off the ledge and you think, oh, shit, I hope I don’t hit a rock. Then the water rushes as you plunge down to it and you hit and sink and pray. Writing is like that. Confession: recently I’ve questioned who I am as a writer and if I have the chops and want to do this job. Continue reading

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The Necklace

Once, in the Dominican Republic, I bought a blue rock necklace with handcrafted silver setting. Twenty triangular-shaped powder blue and sky blue variegated stones surround a celeste and white pendant stone. It was a reminder of my first vacation and … Continue reading

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