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Here you will find what I’m working on now, my available work, my past work, and my publications list. Pull up a comfy chair with a book or an essay and have some fun!

If you need something that you don’t see here, just Contact Me. I have over 8,000 pieces in process just looking for a home…my advisors called me prolific…

I think the biggest thing I can do with this life is to share my inspiration and intention. Thanks for reading! If you read my fiction, science fiction, poetry, or nonfiction – I appreciate you all! Thanks for supporting me and my creations.



What I’m Working on Now


The Divantinum Project is the first science fiction romance in a trilogy featuring an amnesiac half-goddess/half-Altarian who holds the key to saving the human race from the invaders known as the Skitádi. Can Erica harness the power of the light and defeat Earth’s enemies?



Anthropological Science Fiction Romance

This is my target – where I write.

The Anthropology and Archaeology Workbook for Writers. This manual for writers is based on my popular anthropology and archaeology workshop and will help you apply anthropology and archaeology to fiction. The book is based on the workshop I gave at FF&P in May 2017.


The Resilient PatriotThis project is created for the retired and active soldiers and other people who have PTSD. It is a choose-your-own-adventure journal meant to help them reengage and reconnect with their lives upon returning home. It also is a jump-start to step closer to the things they love that give them purpose. Many studies say that expressive writing helps people who have experience traumatic situations. This is one way we can help people in their dark times – and bring a little light in their worlds.

My Past Works

Publications List

Pink Book of Romance Cover 1

The Pink Book of Romance

Writing as Brianna Flannigan, The Pink Book of Romance. Fall in love with the romantic stories in this collection including: The Christmas Wish, Cuppa, High School Reunion, Blue Eyes, Hands On, Mountain Dreams, The Commander and I, This Dream, and Three Doors Down.

In The Christmas Wish, one woman gets her wish of true love. In Cuppa, one soldier gets more than coffee when he stops into a world-famous coffee house. One couple reunites after years of separation in High School Reunion. True love exists in Blue Eyes as a soldier falls for the woman of his dreams just before deployment. In Hands On, a handyman gets more than he bargains for when his friend’s little sister helps out with the renovation. A hike turns into happily-ever-after in Mountain Dreams. The Commander finds his true love in the Commander and I. A woman finally connects with the love of her life in This Dream. The mathematician and his ex-student combust in Three Doors Down.

Enjoy the nine short stories in this collection of romances: The Pink Book of Romance. This book is dedicated to the woman in search of a dream—the dream of the perfect man. I hope you find him soon. Until you do, feel free to come and enjoy the men of my dreams. They’re waiting for you! [Warning – this book is intended for adult audiences – and there are romantic and some erotic scenes. You are now aware. ]


1,001 plots to get you started

1,001 Plots to Get You Started

1,001 Plot Ideas to Get You Started is your key to unlocking unimagined stories! Perfect for the new writer or for advanced writers looking to branch out. Grab your writer’s notebook and favorite pen and get writing with inspiration!







Darlene Reilley

Poetry From the Heart

A book of poetry for the modern woman. Poetry From the Heart: God, Guys, and the Rest of It is insightful and heartfelt. Pick up this book if you lost a love or are in the mood for a laugh.








Forbidden Timeline

Lieutenant Kalia Berosana of the Aurellian Timeship Venture wants to know what happened to her and her crew. After waking on the bridge, Kailia finds it in chaos, her Captain and the crew dead, and her prototype artificial intelligence unit Samma running the ship. Once life support is restored, Kailia finds she is not alone only to be attacked. Commander Cam Hayes orders the ailing ship into a far-flung corner of the galaxy in a offshoot timeline on a planet called Earth. Stranded on a planet of aliens, Cam finds Kailia irresistible, but they are found out. A race across the planet ensues, but one of them won?t make it off the planet alive. Rescued by a timeship going against orders, Kailia promises to set the timeline right and recover her one true love. The Anelianist threat stands in her way? Can Kailia stop the extinction of her race and still save the man she loves?



Zombie Slayer

Julia Maraton has just woken to a living nightmare. The streets of Seattle are crawling with the walking dead. Joining a rag-tag group of survivors, the plan is to head North to Alaska. But escaping Seattle was only the beginning. Now they must deal with desperate survivors, boatloads of zombies, a murderer. Joining forces with a boat of surviving Navy Seals and the few survivors picked up along the way they make their way to the fortified shelter of Julia’s home. Gambling the fate of humanity as well as her heart, Julia risks everything to ensure there is a future for the human race, ultimately making a decision that will effect us all. Julia Maraton is the Zombie Slayer.