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Here you will find what I’m working on now, my available work, my past work, and my publications list. Pull up a comfy chair with a book or an essay and have some fun!

If you need something that you don’t see here, just Contact Me. I have over 8,000 pieces in process just looking for a home…my advisors called me prolific…

I think the biggest thing I can do with this life is to share my inspiration and intention. Thanks for reading! If you read my fiction, science fiction, poetry, or nonfiction – I appreciate you all! Thanks for supporting me and my creations.



What I’m Working on Now


The Divantinum Project is the first science fiction romance in a trilogy featuring an amnesiac half-goddess/half-Altarian who holds the key to saving the human race from the invaders known as the Skitádi. Can Erica harness the power of the light and defeat Earth’s enemies?


My Past Works

Publications List


1,001 plots to get you started

1,001 Plots to Get You Started










Darlene Reilley

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Zombie Slayer