Darlene’s Publication List

Darlene Reilley’s Publications List


Books & Stories

Darlene Reilley. “The Writer’s Pocket Book of Inspiration: Pandemic Edition.” 2020.

DarWrites: Writing Prompts. Grand Canyon, AZ: CreateSpace. 2018.

… “Bones and Stones.” DarWrites. 2016.

… “The Lady.” DarWrites. 2017.

… “The Legacy.” DarWrites. 2017.

… “The Shovel.” DarWrites. 2017.


Writing as Brianna Flannigan. The Rose Book of Romance. Createspace. 2019.

The Pink Book of Romance. CreateSpace. 2014.

Qtd. by Chris Baty in No Plot, No Problemrevised and expanded edition. Chronicle Books. 2014.

Darlene Reilley. “The Day of the Dead.” DarWrites. 6/22/17. Web Reprinting. “Day of the Dead.” In Student Literary Arts Magazine. Michael Darcher, Sharon Russell, Kathy Swart, Corrina Wycoff, Deborah Bransford, Andrew Bussey, Kevin Gray, Darlene Reilley (eds.), Tacoma: Consolidated Press. 2012. 22-31. Print.

Shattered Dreams. In Bump Off Your Enemies. Candace C. Bowen and Paul R. De Lancey. Amazon Digital Services, Inc. 2013. Print.

… 1,001 Plot Ideas to Get You Started. CreateSpace. 2013.

… “Day of the Dead.” In Student Literary Arts Magazine. Michael Darcher, Sharon Russell, Kathy Swart, Corrina Wycoff, Deborah Bransford, Andrew Bussey, Kevin Gray, Darlene Reilley (eds.), Tacoma: Consolidated Press. 2012. 22-31.

The Forbidden Timeline. CreateSpace. 2012.

Zombie Slayer. CreateSpace. 2010.




Reilley, Darlene. Life, Liberty, and the Rest of It. CreateSpace. 2019.

Reilley, Darlene. We the Explorers. DarWrites. 2/6/19.

… “American Girl.” DarWrites. 7/2/17.

… “A Letter-Poem Work in Progress.” DarWrites. 7/25/17.

… We Are the Explorers. Osiris-REX Asteroid Return Mission. NASA. 5/16.

Poetry from the Heart: God, Guys, and the Rest of It. Spanaway, WA: Createspace. 2011.

My Sister, the Soldier, and Her Friends. Beliefnet.com. 3/22/08.

Amazed. Poetry.com. 2007.

Me and Mulder. Poetry.com. 2007.

Living with My Head Under Water. Poetry.com. Nd.




… Canoeing Photograph. In Makah Culture Past and Present Study Away Flier. Wang Center, Pacific Lutheran University. 2015.

Neah Bay: The End. Makah Cultural Journeys. J-Term Makah Culture Past and Present class, Pacific Lutheran University. 1/29/14.

Hello from Neah Bay! Makah Cultural Journeys. J-Term Makah Culture Past and Present class, Pacific Lutheran University. 1/20/14.

Reilley, Darlene, Anna McCracken, and Jane Hu. Preparing for the Journey and Logistics. Makah Cultural Journeys. J-Term Makah Culture Past and Present class, Pacific Lutheran University. 1/13/14.

… “Big crowd spurs volleyball team to third victory.” Harbor Light Community Newsweekly. 1/4/96.

… “Volleyball team gets strong win against Gaylord St. Marys.” Harbor Light Community Newsweekly. 1/96.

… “Volleyball team starts season with a win.”  Harbor Light Community Newsweekly.   12/13/95.

“Rams touchdown with home victory.” Harbor Light Community Newsweekly. 10/16/95.

… “Rams lose to ranked Traverse City team.” Harbor Light Community Newsweekly. 10/9/95.

… “Rams touchdown with home victory.” Harbor Light Community Newsweekly. 10/9/95.

… “Rams crush Cardinals.” Harbor Light Community Newsweekly. 95.

… “The tournament.” Harbor Light Community Newsweekly. 95.

… “Varsity Volleyball.” Harbor Light Community Newsweekly. 95.




Reilley, Darlene. Coming in 2019. DarWrites. 2/1/19. 

… “Release: DarWrites Writing Prompts Book 1. DarWrites. 5/1/17.

… “ISWG, Science Fiction, and Birthday Greetings.” DarWrites. 2/7/18.

… “It’s Time for Writing Alchemy.” DarWrites. 1/4/18.

… “DarWrites Top 10 Posts of 2017.” DarWrites. 1/4/18.

… “Gift for Writers: Science Fiction Romance Writing Prompts.” DarWrites. 12/25/17.

… “A Writer’s Wish List 2017.” DarWrites. 11/25/17.

… “CTWS: The NaNoWriMo 2017 Edition.” DarWrites. 11/4/17.

… “Anagnorisis and Peripeteia in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time.” 10/21/17.

… “Thank You, Readers!” DarWrites. 10/16/17.

… “My Top 11 Favorite Anthropology Topics.” DarWrites. 10/14/17.

… “Moments of Creation: Wishes for Your Work.” DarWrites. 10/7/17.

… “Balance and the Art of Creative Faith.” DarWrites. 9/30/17.

… “Writer’s Challenge: Create Your Inner Sanctuary.” DarWrites. 10/17/17.

… “Darlene Reilley Visits and Talks About Sanctuary.” Faith, Inspiration, and a Cup of Tea. 10/14/17.

… “Star Hero Review.” DarWrites. 9/9/17.

… “The Power Within. DarWrites. 9/3/17.

… “Write from the Heart.” DarWrites. 9/2/17.

… “From the DarWrites Vault: Center of the Storm – You and Writing v.s. anxiety.” DarWrites. 8/14/17.

… “Review of Stephen Zimmer’s Thunder Horizon.” DarWrites. 8/17/17.

… “Heart of a Lion Book Review.” DarWrites. 8/17/17.

… “Life Changer: Inspired Fantasy Writing.” 8/10/17.

… “A Fantasy Writing Prompt.” DarWrites. 8/10/17.

… “Coffee Talk and Writer Secrets the one with the Spilled Secrets.” DarWrites. 8/3/17.

… “From the Archive: Secret to My Success.” DarWrites. 7/27/17.

… “Leap of Faith.” DarWrites. 7/27/17.

… “3 Side-jobs for Freelance Writers I’ve Actually Made Money With.” DarWrites. 7/25/17.

… “Coffee Talk & Writer Secrets #5: the Procrastination and Answer Post.” DarWrites. 7/20/17.

… “From the Vault: Write What you Love and the Rest Will Follow.” DarWrites. 7/20/17.

“Serendipity and a Shiny New Logo.” DarWrites. 7/13/17.

… “A Writer’s Collective Idea.” DarWrites. 7/7/17.

… “Writer Challenge 2017.” DarWrites. 7/7/17.

… “How I Made My First $1,000 as a Writer.” DarWrites. 7/6/17.

… “Elemental Writing and Insecure Writing.” DarWrites. 7/5/17.

… “Happy Anniversary!” DarWrites. 7/4/17.

… “June Roundup.” DarWrites. 6/30/17.

… “Coffee Talk & Writer Secrets #4.” DarWrites. 6/29/17.

… “A Study in Second Person: Italo Calvino’s If On a Winter’s Night a Traveler.” DarWrites. 6/27/17.

… “If Yoda Were a Writer.” DarWrites. 6/27/17.

… “Character and Consequence: Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray.” DarWrites. 6/27/17.

… “Juxtaposition of Touchpoints: Pat Murphy’s The Falling Woman.” DarWrites. 6/27/17.

… “Coffee Talk and Writer Secrets #3.” DarWrites. 6/27/17.

Dar’s Top 10 Favorite Sci Fi TV Series. DarWrites. 6/17/17.

The Champion of Barésh: a Review. DarWrites. 6/16/17.

Ethnographic Fiction: Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Left Hand of Darkness. DarWrites. 6/16/17.

Movement in Homer’s The Odyssey. DarWrites. 6/16/17.

Shock and Awe in Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five. DarWrites. 6/16/17.

Sympathetic Characters and Violence in Vladimir Sorokin’s Ice Trilogy. DarWrites. 6/16/17.

Read. Write. Play. DarWrites. 6/15/16.

What If: The Deserted Island Scenario. DarWrites. 6/15/17.

A Gift for Writers. DarWrites. 6/11/17.

Celebrating 100 Blog Posts This Year! DarWrites. 6/11/17.

Cloud Layout: David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas. DarWrites. 6/11/17.

Format and World Immersion in Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One. DarWrites. 6/11/17.

The Geologist’s Viewpoint: H. P. Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness. DarWrites. 6/11/17.

Spirituality as Truth in Philip K. Dick’s Valis. DarWrites. 6/11/17.

Reilley, Darlene, Stacey Oberle, and Christina Weigand. How to Start a Writing Conversation: Advice from 3 Writers. DarWrites. 6/10/17.

Reilley, Darlene. My Top 3 Writer Insecurities and 3 Things to Combat Them. DarWrites. 6/7/17.

A Weekly Writing Recipe. DarWrites. 6/1/17.

Coffee Talk and Writer Secrets #2. DarWrites. 6/1/17.

Orphaned Puppy Writing Prompt. DarWrites. 6/1/17.

Setting Writing Goals: May 2017. DarWrites. 5/28/17.

Anthropology Writing Prompts. DarWrites. 5/27/17.

An International Booklist. DarWrites. 5/25/17.

Exploring the Fantastic in Robert Kirk’s The Secret Commonwealth. DarWrites. 5/25/17.

An Ode to Tolkien. DarWrites. 5/23/17.

Emily’s Ghost: William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily.” DarWrites. 5/23/17.

Writer Inspiration 4. DarWrites. 5/23/17.

Writer on the Go Checklist. DarWrites. 5/23/17.

Coffee Talk and Writer Secrets. DarWrites. 5/18/17.

Review of Brandy L. River’s Sleepwalker. DarWrites. 5/17/17.

Review of Not Your Mother’s Food Storage by Kathy Bray and Jan Barker. DarWrites.  5/13/17.

On the Darkest Hours: When You Think of Giving Up Writing. DarWrites. 5/10/17.

3-step grocery shopping with $50 in the bank. DarWrites. 5/8/17.

Grocery Shopping on a Budget. DarWrites. 5/8/17.

Mortal Danger: Elizabeth Moon’s Trading in Danger. DarWrites. 5/8/17.

My Top 11 Favorite Anthropology Topics for Writers. DarWrites. 5/8/17.

How to Read Like a Book Dragon: a Reader’s Manifesto. DarWrites. 5/5/17.

Literary Appropriation in Jorge Luis Borges’s Labyrinths. DarWrites. 5/4/17.

Makings of a Madwoman: Jean Rhys’s Wide Sargasso Sea. DarWrites. 5/4/17.

Particularities in Nicolai V. Gogol’s The Overcoat and Other Tales of Good and Evil.   DarWrites. 5/4/17.

Specific Details and Word Choices: William Gibson’s Neuromancer. DarWrites. 5/4/17.

Storytelling Magic: Mary Mackey’s The Year the Horses Came. DarWrites. 5/4/17.

Capturing Character: J. K. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy. DarWrites. 5/3/17.

Talk-Story and Ghost Words: The Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston. DarWrites. 5/3/17.

From the Files: Organizing Your Home Office. DarWrites. 5/2/17.

Knit Your Writer a Plot Bunny. DarWrites. 5/2/17.

May Writing Goals. DarWrites. 5/2/17.

Last Call to Sign Up for Anthropology, Archaeology, and Romance Workshop! DarWrites. 4/29/17.

Review of Haley Elizabeth Garwood’s The Ashes of Britannia. DarWrites. 4/29/17.

Setting Writing Goals: April 2017. DarWrites. 4/29/17.

Tessa: Cassandra Clare’s Clockwork Angel. DarWrites. 4/29/17.

3 Awful Truths About Being a Beginning Writer. DarWrites. 4/27/17.

Top 10 Reasons to Take the Anthropology, Archaeology & Romance Writer Workshop.  Romance-ffp.com. 4/20/17.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Writing. AmyReadsandWrites.blogspot.com. 4/17.

The Stones of Kaldaar Review. DarWrites. 4/14/17.

How to Start Freelance Writing Part 3: The Website. DarWrites. 4/13/17.

Writer Affirmations. DarWrites. 4/11/17.

Writing Prompts from 1,001 Plot Ideas to Get You Started. DarWrites. 4/9/17.

How to Start Freelance Writing Part 2: The Plan. DarWrites. 4/7/17.

Writer Affirmation [1]. DarWrites. 4/7/17.

Writer Affirmation [2]. DarWrites. 4/7/17.

On Writing a First-Draft Novel. DarWrites. 04/02/17.

How to Start Freelance Writing Part 1: My Story. DarWrites. 3/30/17.

How to Support Your Writer. DarWrites. 3/26/17.

Writing Toolbox: 20 Questions to Ask Yourself and Your Writing. DarWrites. 3/23/17.

Art & Yeats: The Wild Swans at Coole. DarWrites. 3/22/17.

Pathos, Ethos, and Logos in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. DarWrites. 3/16/17.

Review: Frank Herbert’s Dune. DarWrites. 3/16/17.

Happy Mother’s Day: a word art creation to share. DarWrites. 3/13/17.

Train to Writing: A Writer’s Journey. DarWrites. 3/13/17.

A Peek Inside a Writer’s Journal. DarWrites. 3/11/17.

Anthropology, Archaeology, & Romance: A Workshop for Writers. DarWrites. 3/10/17.

DarWrites Book Review Criteria. DarWrites. 3/3/17.

Interview, Tameri Etherton. DarWrites. 3/3/17.

When Ash Remains Review. DarWrites. 3/3/17.

The Writing Process in Supposedly Three Steps. DarWrites. 3/3/17.

Top 10 Things to Ignite Writing Creativity. DarWrites 3/3/17.

The Necklace. World Nomad Scholarship Submission. 3/17.

Believable Trauma in Octavia Butler’s Fledgling. DarWrites. 2/8/17.

Recommended Reading List (Part 2). DarWrites. 2/8/17.

Tips on Writing a Non-Linear Narrative. Janice Hardy’s Fiction University. 2/8/17.

Reincarnation: Darlene’s Book World and Writer Utopia. DarWrites. 2/4/17.

The Post-MFA Rambling. DarWrites. 1/31/17.

For the Love of Science Fiction Romance. Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal Romance Writers. 9/25/2015. Web.

The Reading List. DarWrites. 1/8/15.

The First Semester of Grad School. DarWrites. 12/22/14.

Recommended Reading List (Part 1). DarWrites. 12/11/14.

Update on the Writing Life. DarWrites. 6/25/14.

Great News. DarWrites. 6/6/14.

Reilley, Darlene. Update 2014. DarWrites. 1/8/14.

Reilley, Darlene. Got Plot Bunny? Knit one now! DarWrites. 8/13/13.




The Divantinum Project: Wastling. Masters Thesis. Goddard College, 11/16.

… “Goddess Religions of Historical Novels: Cassandra Clare’s Clockwork Angel, Haley Elizabeth Garwood’s Ashes of Britannia, and Mary Renault’s The King Must Die.” Critical    Thesis. Goddard College. 11/16.

… “Stellar Science Fiction.” Teaching Practicum. Goddard College. 11/16.

… Engendering the Past: Biogenetics and Spatial Analysis of Basketry at the Ozette Site. Capstone. Pacific Lutheran University Anthropology Department. 5/14.




Senior Thesis: The Divantinum Project, Goddard College, 2017

Speech on Writing, Goddard College, 2017

Mastering Worldbuilding and the Anthropology of Writing, Goddard College, 2016

For the Love of Science Fiction, 2016

The Divantinum Project [Reading], Goddard College, 2016

The Divantinum Project [Reading], Goddard College, 2015

The Divantinum Project [Reading], Goddard College, 2014

Ambiguity and Polyperspectives in Nectar in a Sieve, 2014

Daughter of Another Star, 2014

Decolonizing Relationship with Nature, 2014

Anthropology Capstone: Women of Ozette: Engendering the Past through Biogenetics and Spatial Analysis of Basketry, PLU, 2014

On Using Visual Media (with Noel Raetz), PLU, 2014

A Conversation with Charles Darwin, PLU, 2013

Gendered Shifts in the Southwest and the Great Basin, PLU, 2013

The Green Revolution (with Elizabeth Tipple), PLU, 2013

Joseph Powell and the First Americans, PLU , 2013

Meditations, PLU, 2013

Namahage, PLU, 2013

The Third Place, PLU, 2013

Consequences of Genetic Engineering (with Taylor Cox and Megan Larsen), PLU            , 2012

Deutsch: Ich muss ams Morgens auf Montags, PLU, 2012

“Day of the Dead”, Pierce College Student Literary Arts Function, Pierce College, 2012

Host, Ink and Ingenuity’s SLAM, Pierce College, 2012

The Mathematics of Science Fiction (with Kristine Beebee), Pierce College, 2012

Michigan Me, Open Mic Night, Pierce College, 2012

Technical Communications Program, Pierce College, 2011

Speaker: Sumner Write in the Valley, 2010




Anthropology, Archaeology, & Romance, FF&P RWA, 2017

Mastering Worldbuilding and the Anthropology of Writing (Goddard College), 2016

Working the Weird in Science Fiction (Goddard Teaching Practicum), 2015

National Novel Writing Month Kickoff Workshop (with Chris Weigand and Ang Bouma), 2013

National Novel Writing Month Kickoff Workshop (with Ang Bouma), 2012

Beginning Writer’s Workshop, Ink and Ingenuity, 2012

How to Knit a Plot Bunny, 2011

National Novel Writing Month Kickoff Workshop, 2011

National Novel Writing Month Kickoff Workshop, 2010

National Novel Writing Month Kickoff Workshop, 2009



Since 2010, I have freelanced for clients covering many topics. Most of this work was confidential, however samples are available upon request. Here are a few of the topics I’ve covered:

  • budget and finance
  • career advice
  •  corporate copy
  •  real estate and home improvement
  •  relationships
  • research
  • resumes
  •  social media
  •  web copy
  • writing




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