Coffee and December Update 2020

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Coffee and December 2020 – Hopefully aka the End of the Year and a Brand New Start

Welcome to the end of 2020…unless we go through a wormhole and it turns into a never-ending Monday in 2020. Let’s not do that.

This year has been as crazy for me as it has for you. The work, the layoffs, the pandemic, the face masks, and way too much sanitizer. I’ve had my meditation apps on more than not this year.

Wow! I just checked the stats and over 5k viewers have visited DarWrites in the last few months, even with me being a little quite.

Thank you!

I hope you’ve all found the content here helpful and fun. That is why I started DarWrites and that’s why it will keep going.

Speaking of fun, have you seen the workbooks?

There are two new workbooks available for free to writers during the pandemic.

Check them out here:

DarWrites Prompt Book #2

The Writer’s Pocket Book of Inspiration: Pandemic Edition

So…update. I’ve finished draft three of book #15. It’s almost ready for beta testing. During NaNoWriMo last month I worked on book #16 and it’s progressing slowly…one of my characters ran away with me and the plot. I barely thought I was going to finish my 50k, but by the end of November I had 60k words. Yay!

Horrah for all my writer buddies out there who have finished their NaNoWriMo project! And hurrah for all my writer buddies who attempted it – this year hasn’t been easy and if you even got 5k, 10k, or 20k words, you won in my book. You have more words now than you did before.

Go for it!


Coming Workshops

You can find me teaching workshops through Romance Writer’s of America’s specialty groups: FF&P and Hearts Through History.

Diversifying your science fiction, FF&P RWA, Mar. 2021

Let’s level up our science fiction romance by adding spice! We will address diversity of people and thought, figure out unique elements of futurism, and find a realistic scientific way to get around the human/alien paradigm. Bring your sexiest alien, superhuman, and unique monsters – together we will make them stand out among the crowd and make your readers swoon over them! During the course of the class we will have a battle to create the ultimate alien hottie – may the sexiest alien win a special gift!

You can enroll in Diversifying your science fiction starting January through FF&P RWA.


Hellenistic Romance: Eros in ancient Greece, Hearts Through History RWA, June 2021

Sexy is a romantic seaside escape with beautiful clothes and architecture with a backdrop of a gripping war. Come learn what the ancient Greeks believed about love! Eros is the word the Greeks used to describe romantic, passionate love…or you can check out the other seven types of love!

You can enroll in Hellenistic Romance starting in April through the Hearts Through History Chapter of RWA.


Putting the Sci in Science Fiction Romance FF&P RWA, August 2021

What is science fiction and why do we love it? In this four-week overview workshop, we will check out everything from first-contact scenarios to themes and ideas that aren’t often explored in science fiction. Let’s use plausible extrapolations of technology based on current science to make it integral to our stores and level up our science fiction. By the end of the workshop you will have more tools to create fantastic science fiction.

You can enroll in Putting the Sci in Science Fiction Romance Workshop starting in June through FF&P RWA.


Freelance writing for nomads, DarWrites, October 2021

Learn how to create high-quality, valuable content while on the go.


Creating the writer’s manifesto, DarWrites, December 2021

This is a fun weekend workshop for writers who want to take a break and reassess their writing life. 


Thanks for taking the time to have a cup of coffee with me.  I’d like to share with you inspiration I’ve found recently: no matter what happens in your life, you are the only you there is. You need to take care of you. You need to embrace all the you there is – because it is a limited resource.

Share your light.

You’re the only one who can.

Write on,


Chewbacca, Darth Vader, and Yoda come to inspire during the holidays!

About Darlene Reilley

I'm Darlene, a Book Author, Associate Editor and Journalist. I am the author of 16 books including Gliese 667, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of It, and 1,001 Plots to Get You Started. I'm an Associate Editor and Journalist with more than three years of experience creating content. My work has been published in The Vernal Express, The Uintah Basin Standard, The Basin Nickel Ads, the Harbor Light Newspaper, FFPRWA, Hearts Through History RWA, and DarWrites. Before I became a journalist, I was a freelancer creating content for websites and individuals. I now cover a variety of topics including travel, history, anthropology, business, politics, and current affairs. I am a geek turning jargon into plain speech.
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