From the DarWrites Vault: Center of the Storm – You and Writing v.s. anxiety

From the DarWrites Vault: Center of the Storm - You and Writing v.s. anxiety

Today, I need a kick in the pants to write. I’m sitting at a laundry facility, wishing I was down in the pool, waiting for words to come. And of course, when you set aside specific time to write, the words should come, right?

Yeah, they aren’t coming.

You ever notice how sometimes it’s like pulling teeth?

I mean you’re going about your day, and then the time comes that you allotted for writing and you’re so excited because it’s writing time and you planned it – down to the coke zero and beef jerky.

And then your time to write comes and you’re here – you’ve been thinking about it all day – and nothing comes.

What do you do?


For me, I turned to 2010 Darlene’s advice and found this nugget in the DarWrites Vault. I’m sharing it for you, but for me too because today, I need inspiration. I hope it inspires you [2017 Darlene is going to read this and go write. I suggest you do too].


From the DarWrites Vault: Center of the Storm – You and Writing v.s. anxiety



“Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader—not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon.” ~ E.L. Doctorow

Writing is difficult under regular schedule. My anxiety level was moving along at a happy green level, and it moved through blue to yellow and on to orange before I knew what happened.

It wasn’t the writing itself that made me fuzzy. It’s that plus the freelance, the job hunt, the write-ins (love em), the chores, the bathroom that still needs to be cleaned…the list goes on and on.

I guess you could say my procrastinator came out in full force this morning. She saw the schedule for the college and ran away screaming, locked herself in the closet and I’ve had a hard time getting her out.

So what to do when you’re full of anxiety and everyone and everything wants a piece of your time?

Take a breath. And focus.

A long time ago in another time and place I read something that stuck with me my entire life. I don’t know where it came from or who said it, but the image it evoked stayed with me the entire time. This is how I remember it.

Take a breath. Focus on your breath, hands on your stomach. Focus on your breathing, and realize that you are one person with only one person’s dreams and hopes. You are one person versus the world. And you need to be the center of the storm. Picture yourself in the eye of a tornado, everyone and everything is whirling around you at speeds out of control. Everything on your to-do list, your calendar, and your cell phone are out there.

You are the eye of the storm and choose what to do. You choose what to bring into your life. It’s okay to say no.

Now open your eyes and realize that you, too, are the center of the storm. Now go sit at your computer and write 1000 words.

Write on,


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