Coffee Talk and Writer Secrets the one with the Spilled Secrets

Coffee Talk and Writer Secrets Spilled Secrets

Hey, writers.

How’s the writing going? Did you write last week? Are you planning to write this week?

Do you have your beverage? I do – and since it’s a billion degrees out today, I’m drinking water. Lots and lots of clear, blue…wait, that’s not water. That’s tea! Who snuck that tea in here?




It’s transition time for me.

I hope your work went well last month. I was all over the place. I had a few really high highs and a few strange curve balls. But all together, the month was successful.

My freelance life took a strange and fantastic turn last month when I was offered a job as a photographer.

What does that mean?

It means I’ll be writing and taking photos. I’ll still be available for projects [yay!]. I an opportunity to level up skills and make money which is good because bills are bills. While I’ve been a shutterbug all my life, I never really noticed how it has impacted my life until last month – I’ve gotten paid for hundreds of photos for businesses, parties, and the like, but never really saw it as a viable income strategy until now. Looking back, I realize that I’ve actually been snapping photos and getting paid for them as parts of jobs since 2010 – and that’s kind of strange, but true – it started with writing and merged into writing and photography…it was so gradual, I didn’t notice until now.

Has that ever happened to you? Has anything ever chosen you instead of waiting for you to choose it? And by the time you think about choosing it, it’s too late because you’re already in up to your eyeballs. Life works in strange ways.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but DarWrites the website is under construction. A mentor offered to look at my creative life writer plan and she made a few suggestions. The biggest one was to split my websites up to be more efficient and effective. Thanks! I’ve separated DarWrites from my freelance writing business. Note to all freelance clients, you can find me at Darlene Reilley.

DarWrites will be the inspirational and teaching arm of my creative plan. I am so excited to see hundreds of writers here every post and more on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

I’m working on another website for my fiction. My mentor first encouraged me to keep DarWrites as, well, Dar writing, but then she saw the interactions and thought it best if I separate the fiction from the rest. That’s a change that will happen in the next month or so. In fact, she suggested two separate pages, one for science fiction and one for romance.

I mention these changes because maybe her advice would be helpful to you, too. Do you have a website set up for your work? This is a place where people can go and check out your stuff online. I would recommend it.

The best advice I’ve heard this month is to make a plan and work your plan. So my challenge for you is to create a plan of action – where do you want your writing to take you? And follow through – make concrete steps to achieving your dreams.

I’ll let you know how the writer-photographer thing goes.


Special notes for the week:

First, A. R. DeClerck has a rerelease!

Between A R DeClerck

I’m stoked about it. Check out the details for Between by A. R. DeClerck.



Secondly, special thanks to Stacey Oberle for stepping up and kicking off this month’s special topic – fantasy writing! Stacey, your art is awesome and your poetry is too! Keep it up!


Thirdly, I’m really excited that Stephen Zimmer is coming to DarWrites later this month. If you don’t know him, check out his work – he creates fantastic worlds with characters I want to have drinks and tell stories with!


If you are an author who has submitted your novel to DarWrites and was accepted, please note that I have you in queue and am reading and reviewing as fast and thoroughly as I can – I want to make sure that I get the good details of each book and don’t want to rush it.

If you are a writer wanting to submit your novel to DarWrites for a fair and honest review, please note that I have a backlog at this time and will not be accepting books until mid-October. Thank you for understanding!

And last, but not least, there’s a new freelance website out there. Have you seen it? It’s pretty. Look here: Darlene.

I’ll keep writing. I hope you do too.




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