Leap of Faith

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Hey, writers. How’s it going? Have you written? Are you writing?

It’s time to take action.

Earlier this week, I wrote a poem from my future self talking to my present self – and telling 2017 Darlene to write.

It’s easy to say something. It’s a whole other thing to actually do it.

So this morning, I was walking the Malamute, Shasta Kookaburra, who decided she didn’t want to sit and let me write, but would rather get our exercise in one massive block. We did. But something happened on the walk today – I had a moment of revelation.

Does that ever happen to you?

You’re doing your normal thing and suddenly something happens and a puzzle piece falls into place.

And I was thinking about that moment in the Assassin’s Creed games where Ezzio and the other Assassins take a leap of faith. Later in the day, I got to talking with a writer buddy about leaps of faith.

How to focus on what you really want requires a big leap of faith.

You have to be brave.

You have to tell yourself that this is the thing that is worth the time and effort, even if no one sees it right now.

You have to have faith in your abilities. I believe we are given gifts for a reason – we are given longings to write because there is something that must come out. You’re on a cliff and you look over and can’t see anything but clouds below and you pray and hope that there is a net or water down there.

And if it’s the right time and if you have faith and if you have worked hard enough, it will come together.

And you will write.

So have faith, writer, in your abilities. Have faith that you were given this message at this time for a reason. You were put in just this circumstance so your words would be told in a specific way.

How to focus on what you really want requires a big leap of faith. You have to be brave. – Darlene Reilley

Yes, there will come moments when your confidence crashes…and you realize it’s all uphill from here. But you are writing. And then you chat with a writer buddy and it just makes sense.

You had a dip in faith.

Your mojo is there, waiting, so are the words – they’re waiting for you to get caffeine or do what you have to do and will be there when you bounce back.

Fly, writer.

Fly off that cliff and grow your wings.

You are the only one who can.

Write on,





Warning: geek girl here.


What To Do When Confidence Crashes

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