From the Vault: Write What you Love and the Rest Will Follow

From the Vault Write What You Love

“Do everything you can to secure your dreams. Take the basketball to the basket. Take a chance and go for the layup. Believe your dreams are worth it.” Darlene Reilley

They tell you to write what you know. They tell you to write what you love. And then they tell you to find a market if you want to be a professional about it and sell your work there.

You want me to send the manuscript I’ve toiled over, lost sleep over, ached and broken nails over to a stranger? And you expect me to trust this human? To know what it needs to live happily out among strangers for the rest of its life?

Call me silly, but my manuscripts are kind of like my children. I want to make sure they are handled with tender loving care and by the best out there. So you plot and toil and hope that everything will come out right. You hope that there is a hero out there to defend and protect your manuscript. And hope that you are tough enough to handle anything that the world throws at it.

“I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” – Christopher Reeve

Write what you know. I’ve made lists of things that I know and I’ve made lists of things that I am interested in. The latter outweighs the first. Mainly because when I learn something I’ve already exhausted my thinking on the subject, at least for now.

Life is a process unfolding before me and I want to write about what’s coming next. So I write about what I love. What I am passionate about. Starting with the things that you know is great, and if you find a market that allows you to share the knowledge with others that is great. Terrific. Amazing. But sometimes you just have to follow your heart and hope it leads you where you are meant to go.

Link of the day: Don’t Pet Me, I’m Writing. This blog is funny and informative. About wine and writing.

So I’m taking the advice of the author I read this morning. I am going to follow my heart and let it lead me where I should go. I am going to tread my own path and find my way through the jungle. Because in the end you have to follow your dreams.

So follow that voice inside your head and let it takes you where it thinks you should go. Trust your gut and know that it’s right.

Til next time.
Write on.

[July 27, 2010]


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