Coffee Talk & Writer Secrets #5: the Procrastination and Answer Post

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Hey, writers. It’s time for coffee and talking. This week I made blueberry muffins to go with this talk…and they disappeared. You know I’m procrastinating when I’m cooking instead of plotting. The cooking is usually spurred on by a need to think about what I’m working on. There have been freelance projects and other opportunities popping up that pushed my other goal to the backburner.

That’s a good thing and a bad thing.

This week’s post is about procrastination…and answers. I hope you enjoy it. Did you write this week? Are you planning on writing next week?


On Procrastination

It’s July 20.

I still haven’t started my CampNaNoWriMo project.


The one wherein I say I’m going to edit/write 25000 words…by the end of this month.

Why did I not start sooner?

It happens to us all. The doorbell rings. The dogs bark. Someone has to go to Urgent Care. An opportunity pops up and action must take place, or else it’ll be gone by the end of this sentence.

Projects jump ahead of others and the next thing you know, poof. Your schedule is blown.

Then it’s July 20 and the Camp Project waits in a folder.

But we are not quitters.

We are Dragon Writers borne from the ashes of fire. We know if we buckle down (despite starting two projects week after next, yay), we can do this.

We seize the moment.

And then someone wants to paint outside the window.

This person is loved.

This idea is loved.

The paint is loved because it’s exactly the right shade. I picked its accent color.

But I’m going to crazy if I have to sit here and think about writing while someone is painting outside the window my back is to because Stephen King’s advice was to stick my desk in a corner.

Of course, they only mean well.

But the dogs bark.

I just want to curl up into my little writer cave and not deal with any of it. I contemplate moving my writing to the library or to the other side of the moon.

But then I ask them to move their painting, please, because I need to focus, I love you…but not now. I’ll help later.

Headphones go on.

Rhythm rolls.

And the guy across the street starts his weed whacker.

This great force is known as a procrastination block.

Unless you’re a hobbit writer living in Middle Earth with your doors closed and windows shuttered, you’re going to have to deal with life.

And usually the answer is to power through it.

In this case, the universe is telling you to stop what you’re doing and get out and paint.

Today is the day. The project starts. I’ll do it. Just make sure you do too.


DarWrites Logo #2 2017

Writing Advice from the Trenches


Think big. Dream big. Realize you can accomplish more in a day than you think you can.

The story you write is yours. Trust your own voice.

Shake up your routine to inject new life into your projects. Take the time to develop your art and craft.

Burrow into your writer’s cave and write. Explore the places online where writers hang out – network a bit, but realize the most important thing is you, sitting in your chair, writing.

If you’re a joiner, find a writer’s group. Nothing beats hanging out with writers over tea. Connection counts.

Sometimes a secondary character will surprise you and demand more attention–when that happens listen and write the character’s story. At some point you’ll need to learn to write a press release, synopsis, query letter, and more. Do not put it off. Just write.

It could be the best story ever told. It could be drivel. But it’s yours – your story – your words – your dream – take the time to do it right.



This week’s totals:

Contacts : I lost count after 30.

Submissions: 17

Interesting phone messages regarding writing while I was in my writing mode: 2

Times interrupted this week: 35

Emails to answer tomorrow: 251 (sorry! You’re on my radar – it’s been a busy week.)


Keep at it, writer.




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