Coffee Talk & Writer Secrets 4

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Oh. My.

I announced on Facebook the other day the existence of a huge announcement.

I’m talking another life-long one – and this one wasn’t by my choice. Before I was born, It chose me.

And I will not back down from the challenge.

But first, coffee, tea, or water? Right now, I’m drinking a huge thing of water and a yummy fruit-infused water. It’s really yummy – Core Organic’s Peach Mango. Plus it only has 10 calories. The Malamute, aka Shasta the Kookaburra, dragged me on a walk today – this time she went for three miles. Why is it never just one mile with that dog? No, even when we get home and I think she’s going to pass out on the couch, she rebounds and starts playing with the other dogs in the backyard. Seriously – whoever wrote that mals need at least an hour of exercise a day was joking – she’d go all day if she could (and often does!) Before we move on, I’ll share my favorite pic of her. Here’s Shasta:


The dog loves to smile. And I’m so glad!

And now for the big news.

I’m going to talk about a difficult subject matter now, so if you’re not into serious topics, now’s the time to go read one of my short stories. Oh, wait, they all are about serious topics – I’ve covered serial killers in The Shovel, hostage situations in Bones and Stones, evil and its foes in The Legacy, and goddess worship in The Lady.

Hmm…I see a pattern.

Even in my romance novel The Pink Book of Romance, I cover serious topics – from relocation to POWs. I mean the core of it is romance, but there are all sorts of extra themes. Interesting.

Wait, I’ve got one – 1,001 Plot Ideas to Get You Started. There. You’ve been warned.

My life was and is impacted by PTSD.

[Notice I packed that sentence with a ton of dynamite?]

PTSD is like a huge boulder following you – you can’t avoid being crushed, all you can do is keep on your feet. June 27th was PTSD awareness day. #PTSDAwarenessDay


I know so many people who are trying to dodge the boulder. Many things start PTSD, but as I’m a writer and not a psychologist, I’m not going to go into the details of it. But there is something I can do – and will do – to help this suffering from this affliction. And the numbers are not small – did you know that “an estimated 7.8 percent of Americans will experience PTSD at some point in their lives” (

I will not get bogged down in stats – and this is supposed to be a light entry. So I will say that a lot of veterans have PTSD. There are domestic violence survivors out there who have it. There are people who stay awake late at night or wake up with night terrors because of PTSD.

Okay, my brain went there: According to NIH Medline Plus [and keep in mind I’ve seen several sets of stats – it seems the totals are elusive],

“The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that PTSD afflicts: Almost 31 percent of Vietnam veterans, as many as 10 percent of Gulf War (Desert Storm) veterans, 11 percent of veterans of the war in Afghanistan, and 20 percent of Iraqi war veterans.”

That’s a lot of people.

I mean many people.

And these are just the stats in the US – PTSD impacts people all over the world.

And the writer girl inside me isn’t happy with it.

I want to do something to help the people who need it.

And as a writer girl, I can.

My sister, Charlene, was a Master Sergeant in the U.S. Army. She’s seen a ton of people whose lives are impacted by PTSD. Together, we’re creating The Resilient Patriot.

The Resilient Patriot

The Resilient Patriot

This project is created for the retired and active soldiers and other people who have PTSD. It is a choose-your-own-adventure journal meant to help them reengage and reconnect with their lives upon returning home. It also is a jump-start to step closer to the things they love that give them purpose. Many studies say that expressive writing helps people who have experience traumatic situations. This is one way we can help people in their dark times – and bring a little light in their worlds.

Stay tuned for further details – I’m really excited about this!



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3 Responses to Coffee Talk & Writer Secrets 4

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  2. Jennifer says:

    I love this idea. Thank you for supporting our Vets, especially those with PTSD. It’s such a huge crisis right now.

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