The Lady

The Lady

The Lady

Darlene Reilley

I am the land, the sea, the source of all life here.  I am the Goddess who has been forsaken for Christianity.  I am the Chalice, I am the blue water that beats life into you.  You marry your Kings to me; using the mere forgeries that have been created in my image.  And yet, I am not bitter with you, for you are my children, all.

I begin my day before the sun rises, for I must wake her up.  Sleepily, she rises at my command.  As she comes up, I go over the Earth, breathing vibrant colour into the sleepy plants.  I awake the animals, and all of you.  Then I go back to my castle in the sky. 

As you go about your day, I send creatures to keep an eye on you: fairies, elves, men, women, and animals too.  They tell me what you are up to.  I am the force that gives life, for no one is higher than I.

I drink my coffee, and clap for entertainment.  The characters of books leap off the pages; they all tell religious stories.  Except, of course, for the lovely Troubadours.  They really know how to make Me laugh.  I get an idea, and up he comes, a Troubadour.  He sings me songs and flatters me; boy, he knows so little.

After morning tea, I head for Lioness, then London, and sail over Ireland, thinking how wrong all the men are.  I should really do something about that.  “God.” Who is this man?  For only I am the divine.

I sail past the King’s castle in England again, never stopping because there is only greed in his heart.  This, I know well.  I hear a Robin chirping gaily, and I go see what she is up to—babies have come to her this spring.

I come down in England, and land on the ground as a woman.  I play havoc with a few of the mortal men, thinking them only as toys.  And yet, I have created these toys.  I need to resurrect Myself, so I head back home.  I swim in the clouds, and bathe in a rainbow’s light, washing away the memories of the past. 

I can only give light and love and life, I cannot stop human emotion from killing them all.  Maybe they will figure it out, some day.  But that day never comes.  I am Woman; hear me roar.  I have no role to play, except Mother.  I want to make life grow again, to help my children become friends.  I need to be reborn, and this time, I live as Guinevere.

My satisfaction comes from life itself; seeing a sunrise, playing in ponds, enjoying myself in my backyard.  I am the Divine, so I look only up to Myself, and My Mother.  The Grail stories are true, because I have the grail here with me, it’s in my trophy room.  Maybe I’ll let a mortal who is wise, kind, and courageous get it…but only if she/he is worthy.

And so my day closes with a sunset, and I awake the many stars to shine brightly, protecting my children as they slumber.  I sigh as I lay my head upon my cloudy bed, and think of a Tomorrow coming soon, life reborn again.


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About Darlene Reilley

Hey, I'm Darlene, a nomadic writer and teacher. If you're looking for writing prompts, inspiration, and a fellow writer to commiserate with, you've come to the right place. If you're a reader looking for a fun mix of poetry, romance, science and fiction, you've found a buddy!
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