Dar’s Top 10 Favorite Sci Fi TV Series

So a writer buddy asked me what my favorite science fiction tv series were…and I didn’t know. I had a list…of all the ones I loved…and realized that it was really long. In an effort to be creative and answer a question, I’m going to boil it down to my top 10 Favorite Sci Fi Series…and try to see why I love them so much!

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10. Falling Skies


I love Noah Wyle. That’s why I started watching this show, but I soon figured out it had unique aliens and a plot line that was fantastic – how would Earthlings react to an invasion and how could one person keep their family more or less together while all that is happening? A fantastic series.


9. Eureka


I came to Eureka late…I mean really late – I caught the whole series while everyone else was watching the last season. I don’t remember why I didn’t see it before then, but when I did see it, I appreciated the smart, wry humor and the smart house. I loved that house…I’d live there in a heartbeat.


8. Supernatural


Oh, my, I blame this one on my friends Tina and Laura. Oh, the Hunters…what to do with all of them? This series has fantastic characters and lots of good lines. Bobby Singer is a fantastic character I would love to adopt one day, but he’d take one look at my sci fi novel and run screaming for a salt gun. I think my favorite thing about the series (besides Dean) is the idea of the “Men of Letters,” mostly because I would love to be a “Woman of Letters.” In fact, I think I’m going to bring out the geeky inner me and claim the title now. I am a Woman of Letters.


7. Star Trek: Voyager


No matter where you come from in the Star Trek universe, be it Original, TNG, DS9, V, or other, you’re going to find a home among strangers in the stars. Out of all of the Star Trek series, Voyager is my favorite…mostly because of the idea of journey and how two different groups had to work together to survive. Janeway is one of my favorite characters ever – she’s one of the first examples I remember of a really strong female lead…and from that point on, I think I realized that women could take the lead in sci fi. It didn’t really hit me before then because the majority of popular fiction I read or watched up to that point had male protagonists. I also loved planning to watch it every week. It feels strange now that we can watch it on demand…


6. Farscape


Another one I came to late…actually, after it went off the air (hey, I was busy working in a cubicle and trying to make a living). Oh, how I adore these characters. It’s one of my favorite action-romances because…well, you’ll have to see it for yourself. Earth astronaut in space with aliens…and it’s awesome.


5. Battlestar Galactica


So I was torn with this one – do I choose the original 1974 series with the fantastic, cigar-smoking Starbuck I watched on a glitzing, pixelating tv, or the new series with the fantastic, cigar-smoking female Starbuck I watched in high-def on the massive screen…really I just love saying the name Starbuck regardless of which character it is. I love both series equally…the original for the fantastic new universe and robot…and the new version because Starbuck was a girl and also for the fantastic spaceships.


4. X-Files


Don’t tell my old volleyball coach, but I occasionally skipped practice to see this show…my dog’s name is Mulder for crying out loud, so you can say I’m slightly obsessed (okay, I’m a huge geek who has seen every episode at least three times from the original to the current and yes, I’m looking forward to it’s return this fall…please do a good job, please?). Um…and I still have this poster and several others. Can I call them retro now? Note: I sent Chris Carter a few notes written on real paper over the years. I never once got a response. Hmm… anyway, my dog Mulder looks forward to me saying his name frequently while watching tv in the middle of the night with popcorn…oh, wait, we do that anyway…it doesn’t matter, he’s going to love it and so will I. My popcorn maker is waiting.


3. Firefly


You either love Firefly, or you’ve never seen it. I’m one of the fans who still wants the series to be brought back even if the characters are older…I loved my Captain before he was my Castle. Nathan Fillion is amazing and they should totally do a remake and have him and the cast come back…I’d watch it. I don’t care if there was only one series, they will live on and we will continue to sing the Ballad of Jayne with homemade knit hats.


2. Doctor Who


Space alien comes to Earth and asks companions to come with him to strange places—anywhere in time or space they want to go—and everyone runs! Love, love, love it. I’d go with the Doctor and so would you. Everyone asks me who my first Doctor is and who my favorite Doctor is…and I’m not shy about saying the answers. My first Doctor was the Ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston…and yeah, the story of Rose and the Doctor sucked me in and never let me go…so of course, my favorite doctor is David Tennant, for so many reasons. Oh, and a note to bridge to this one – I loved Torchwood too.


1. Stargate SG-1


Secret military teams, space aliens, and an anthropologist? You had me at “secret.” No surprise the anthropology-loving student goes for the aliens…but I loved that this series brought ancient mythology to account! Oh, the deep-dive into Egyptian mythology and later Norse mythology. Loved it. And Daniel Jackson is still one of my favorite characters ever. 


Supernatural just moved a chair from one side of a closet away from the wall…somebody grab the salt gun!


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