The Champion of Barésh: a review

The Champion of Barésh by Susan Grant

Books and Dragons

When I say I’m a Book Dragon, I mean that when I find a writer whose words inspire me or who creates something special, I will put aside every other book in my pile and read that writer’s whole oeuvre.

Gateway Books

That happened. I borrowed a book from my library’s online site…and went into a wormhole I hope I never get out of. My gateway book to Susan Grant’s worlds was The Star King (2013). I’ll review that in another post, but I have to mention it—I still love the characters in that novel [particularly Rom B’Kah] more than any I’ve come across recently. . This is not the first book of Grant’s that I’ve read…and I was waiting for this one with bated breath and it totally lived up to my expectations (don’t you love when that happens?).

I’m going to introduce you to one of my favorite sci fi romance writers.



Susan Grant


Susan Grant is a veteran, pilot, and author. Have you read her work? She has a ton of books out there – and I keep waiting for every single one…and have loved them all in varying degrees.

Here we go…

The Champion of Barésh

What to say about The Champion of Barésh? I loved every moment from the trill rats in the mine and bars to the “aristo” prince. But the reason I’ve read this book five times since it’s publication is the main character, Jemm Aves. If I ever get stuck on a strange planet, I want someone like her at my back – she’s a fighter and has the heart of a lion. She was born on Baresh and works for a mining company by day, but at night she fights in an underground bajha matches. But she can’t fight as a girl, so instead she goes undercover and fights as a guy. She’s the strongest player and soon catches the attention of Prince Klark, the black sheep of his family. Together they challenge the status quo – and try to find each other in the process.

As usual, the details and the ending are left for you to read.

Which I suggest you do, next time you read a book. I’d start here, and then go back to The Star King, The Star Prince, The Star Princess, and then graduate to Banzai Macguire and The Scarlett Empress, and the other books that Grant has penned – she has an impressive list.

Trust me, you won’t want to miss it.

5 stars. And 5 hearts…I think I just came up with a new criteria for romance novels.


Thanks, Susan.

Oh, and just in case you’re a romance writer who loves science fiction – Susan is one of the writers on the SFR Brigade (of which I am a member), so check it out too!





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