An Ode to Tolkien

An Ode to Tolkien

Tolkien is one of our best writers. If you haven’t read his epic odyssey, I would encourage you to. No copyright infringement intended – this was written to honor the master of Fantasy.

Ode to Tolkein: The Hobbit Story

Darlene Reilley


Host, host, host a party

Bang, bang, bang on the door

Party, party, party, party,

Party, party some more.


Sleep in, jump up,

Run and catch the gang,

Gandalf nods and catches the loot,

Man we’re on our way.


Walk, walk, walk to Rivendell

Run, run, run from orks

Into the mountain enclave,

Lost, lost, lost in goblin tunnels,

Fall in ‘shrooms and get away.


Clever, clever, clever the wit

Win the riddle today

Gollum’s upset and issues a threat

Must run away.


Get stuck in the rock

Button goes pop

Slip the ring on

And now we’re not mutton,

Finally got away.


Dark, dark, dark giant spiders

Caught, slash, drop and run

Dodge, dodge, doge the spiders

Fight and get away.


Walk, walk, walk to Rivendell

Run, fall, swim away

Dodge, dodge, dodge the orks

Can we get away?


Row, row, row to Lake-town

See, see, see the mountain

Find, find, find the door

Wake, wake, wake the dragon

Run then fight some more.


Dragon dragon dragon flies

To Lake-Town high in the sky

Bard, bard, bard slays the dragon

Find, find, find the arkenstone

Bibo’s won the day!


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