Review of Brandy L. River’s Sleepwalker

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I received Sleepwalker by Brandy L Rivers in exchange for an honest review.

First, a bit about the author: Brandy L. Rivers is obsessed with monsters and magic. She is the author of the Branches of Emrys series, the Others of Edenton, the Others of Seattle, and the Pine Barrens Back. Some of her favorite authors are Laruen Dane, JR Ward, and Laurel K Hamilton.

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Author: Brandy L. Rivers

Title: Sleepwalker (Branches of Emrys #1)

Sleepwalker Ebook

I love shifter stories – and werewolves in particular, so when I was asked to review this book, I wondered why I hadn’t read her work before. There are so many writers out there, I missed out. And you’re going to miss out too unless you check out her work.

Sleepwalker is a paranormal romance about a Savon Roantree and her role in her hometown’s fate. She left town with a broken heart…and return after a breakup, only to find her ex, Nate, in Silvertail Ridge. There is an ancient battle between good and evil. One of my pinky swears to readers is that I will not give spoilers away.

I loved this story.

About magic – some paranormal stories don’t explain how things work and show powers in action. It’s hard to do well. This book is one of the few that does show it well. Here’s an example:

His aura shone with shades of white and read, splashed with violet. Love, passion, desire. – Sleepwalker

It’s hard to walk the line between too much information and not enough…and this is a light hand! I found the aura reading and spirits walking through the book to be interesting! The spirits helped Savon – and that’s unique – you could see the physical manifestation as they tugged at people’s clothes and other things. That is a cool twist. Savon also fights, but backs punches with magic.

Of course, no book is perfect. I wished that Canagan was a little more developed because at some points, her dialogue and actions were a little overdone.  It also seemed like there were a ton of pack members – I could have used a character list. The story is so well done, I can forgive that.

My favorite line:

Walking down the hall of her childhood home was like sleepwalking through memories that threatened to rip out her bleeding heart. – Sleepwalker

If you love paranormal romance because of the details and the fantastic characters, go read this book.

My rating: Four stars. I will read this again!





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