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Good morning, writers! Do you ever get the urge to clean everything around your workspace? I finally have my in box under control. This week’s DarWrites topic is organization. I’ve spent the last few days getting an office makeover. A fellow freelancer asked me why I redo my office yearly; I asked why not. I’m at my desk for at least eight hours a day; why shouldn’t I make my office a place of creativity, inspiration, and organization?

With that in mind, I cleared everything out of the in basket, refilled the filing cabinet, and came up with a new inbox strategy. Between the new office setup and my planner, I’ve got a decent setup. Here are a few ideas for your home office that have worked successfully in mine. Try them out; you may find a new strategy that works for you.

I’m a piler; I love stacks of paper, books, and Kindle. I love it when my to-do box is overflowing. Even so, after it expanded to a massive wicker basket, it was time to reign it in and prune the stacks.

I drooled over items at Levenger. I then came back to reality and got the basics out of the way before getting into details. Next I cleared everything out of my office: paper, pens, computer parts, etc. I put back the furniture and made a note to order a new office chair.

I put back the pens, paperclips, and red stapler that reminded me of the one in Office Space. I reorganized and re-categorized my files. After that I added personal touches: a new candle, a few pieces of art from my stories, and pictures of my favorite places and spaces. I made a note of the office supplies I need to order.

One of the best tips for organizing your office is to follow a plan you can stick to. Some people love PDAs, or use their Iphone for everything. After frying several phones and PDAs, I only use paper.

I gathered everything I didn’t want or need anymore and donated them. Next I organized my computer files, cleaned my email folders, and chucked everything I didn’t need. I then made a backup of everything.

For wall art that inspires me, I framed a few of my favorite sayings, created a few pieces of artwork, and arranged photos.

I created a wall of inspiration above my desk. To do this for your office, take 3 large artist’s canvas boards, cover them with fabric which matches your décor, and hang them. Then use thumbtacks to hang your drawings, doodles, or latest notecards.

I added a few red and black boxes to add pops of color and perk up my surroundings. Then I looked at my portable writing bag and decided it needed a bit of sprucing up. So I added a few items to my computer bag for a portable office: a pouch with pens, a pad of paper, and paperclips.

Here’s hoping that this prompt encourages you to organize your office and let your creativity lead the way.


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Reprinted with permission. First publication DarWrites 1/11/12.

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  1. chrisweigand says:

    You should post pictures to inspire us even more

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