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Dear Writers,

I’ve been all over the map this week, because it’s spring and it’s where the research takes me. It’s rainy in the Pacific Northwest, but when the sun comes out, I go check on the pansies and tulips. I’m dreaming about canning and gardens. I have to share a few links that I’ve fallen for. Here are my top links of the week.

 If I could I would share every single blog post I’ve read on Jeff Goins’ blog, but his interview with Jerry Jenkins was so inspirational, I had to share it.  

I did something I shouldn’t have this week. I looked in the canning cupboard…and saw how much jam we have from last summer. My mom loves to can and that usually means we have jam coming out of our ears, but I’ve needed to find new ways to explore the apricot, strawberries, raspberries, and other fruit spreads…and I ran into this awesome site: 50 Ways to Use Preserves, James, Jellies, Marmalades & Fruit Butters. Apparently we aren’t the only ones with this issue. I feel blessed to call this an issue. I love jam…

And then because I wasn’t finished with the idea of canning, I toyed with the notion of using the empty jars for fun things around the house. For ten whole minutes, I imagined all the cool things I could do with jars…and then reality hit – we actually do use all the jars in our house. Then I saw this by P. Allen Smith and fell in love with the idea of pickling peppers.

While I was researching this week, I found something interesting on Pinterest – it led me to a hole of writing research, but near the end, I found 9 Things I did to Become a Full-Time Writer by Carlos Cooper. This was a revelation to me because I’ve been exploring my writer path and where I want to go with my writing. #6 and #7 were helpful.

And of course because I write science fiction, I get inspired by all things NASA and found a cool post on Pinterest which pointed me to A Village in Orbit: Inside NASA’s Space Colony Concepts. I noted that for later.

Hopefully these links will inspire you as they did me.

Write on,






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