Top 5 Links of the Week

Top 5 Links of the Week

Happy Friday! I thought I’d do something fun and share my favorite links of the week. But first, writer inspiration…

Take the Unwritten Path Darlene Reilley 2017

Where do you want your writing journey to go?

Links to things that I love! Hope you find something cool here (or at least get inspired!)

Austin Kleon demands that you Show Your Work and has been inspiring me for years. I love both of his books. If you want extra inspiration, subscribe to his newsletter – I love the things he finds and it encourages me to share.

Anna Vital created one of my favorite infographics. Check out How to Focus. It has helped me over the years and I love it even more now – just by looking at it, my mind triggers a refocus and I can plan better.

So I love writing and food…and while attending the Write on the Sound writer’s conference last September, I took a few minutes at lunch to walk around. I love my local farmer’s market, but I found something special at the Edmonds farmers market. Whitehouse Meadows Farm makes a fantastic Blueberry Lemon Preserve that tastes like summer. 

A few writers have asked me how I focus when I write my first draft. The answer is simple: Dr. Wicked’s Write or Die.  It gets me in the mood to short circuit the part of my brain that does edits and frees my creative spirit. I usually set it to sirens or baby wails, but if you’re in the mood for a real challenge, try Kamikaze mode.

And last, but certainly not least, is the cool video game Uncharted 4. I love games that go deep into storytelling…and ones that encourage me to find hidden items. This one does both and you can take a boat around tropical islands…it’s almost like vacation.

Write on,










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