A Peek Inside a Writer’s Journal

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Dear Writers,

If you’re like me, you’re a journal addict. You probably have two or three spare journals sitting around your bookshelves (or stacked nicely in a corner) just waiting for inspiration to strike. But what happens if you take a normal day and share it with the world?

I’m going for 20 seconds of bravery here and sharing one of my writer journal entries with you. There are tons of articles out there on how to journal and why it’s beneficial for a writer to have a journal. But how many are going to give you a peek inside their world? Maybe you could draw some inspiration from it.

Writing Prompt

From the Drabble File…a writing prompt


write on! darlene reilley


Dar’s Writer’s Journal: 3/10/17

I’m working in the Artist’s Way Morning Pages Journal…it’s big enough to have a place of its own on my desk, but too big to carry with me. It forces me to write at home. Some times that’s a good thing…other times I carry index cards with me and write on them.

Love yourself, always.

No excuses.


Life doesn’t wait for anyone…go get it.

Believe in yourself.



You are a Warrior. #beastmode

Fight for it – it’s worth it!

Be calm like ninja.

Nerd Fitness

Game up.

Level up.

Be strong.

Write from the heart of truth and the moment of spark.

Overcome fear and use it as fuel.

20 seconds of courage.


18 stitches – 20 rows – size 8 needles.

Shasta, the Malamute puppy, found her voice today.

Water. Mistake. Remember me. History.

Order One.

Drabbles…drabbles…always dragon drabbles

We may be poor, but we are not stupid.

Lead by example.

Do what you love and share the joy of life while doing it.

If you can’t do what you want, do what you can until you do what you want and then do that.

Some people run from fire…others run into it.

Tastes like clean.

Family left behind – others go to work – on the road of life – lost

machines and experiences?


What would make you stand up and be a hero?

Everyone wants their story to be the most important…how can you tell a story where it has impact on the lives of others? Meaning?


Asteroid – meteor – Earth – mind games

Potential to solve problems

Why do women use a spare seat for a bag when they aren’t saving it? Why not put it on the floor?

What’s next? A step off the planet and into the great beyond.

Uncharted land

Uncharted stars



Everything momentous in human history was accomplished because someone took a chance and made a move away from the norm.


SOURCE – energy – energy – dreams into fruition.




What will it take to write 100 books in my lifetime?

That’s about 4 books a year.

Nora Roberts has done that.

Stephen King does it.

What does that look like?

How could I schedule that?

Is that the pace I want to live my life?



The geeky gamer girl finished a five-hour stretch of Uncharted after finally reaching the score she wanted. To celebrate, she opened a bottle of water and toasted the credits. She stood, stretched, leaned back and didn’t remember the last time she did it. She looked out the window and saw …


Writing starts?

Bubbles frothed in a foamy latte.


I came back swinging.

Snow encapsulated the corpse like a sarcophagus.

The mathematician couldn’t do math.

Follow me into the woods. I dare you.

“Tell the truth.” “Namaste.”






About Darlene Reilley

I'm Darlene, a Book Author, Associate Editor and Journalist. I am the author of 16 books including Gliese 667, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of It, and 1,001 Plots to Get You Started. I'm an Associate Editor and Journalist with more than three years of experience creating content. My work has been published in The Vernal Express, The Uintah Basin Standard, The Basin Nickel Ads, the Harbor Light Newspaper, FFPRWA, Hearts Through History RWA, and DarWrites. Before I became a journalist, I was a freelancer creating content for websites and individuals. I now cover a variety of topics including travel, history, anthropology, business, politics, and current affairs. I am a geek turning jargon into plain speech.
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