Anthropology, Archaeology, & Romance A Workshop for Writers

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Hello! I’m really excited that FF&P, a chapter of the Romance Writers of America, has offered to host my Anthropology, Archaeology & Romance class for writers in May!

This fun, inclusive workshop will merge my two loves: writing and anthropology! If you’re a writer who wants to deepen characters, culture, or societies within your novels, this workshop is for you! I’ve prepared exclusive hand-outs and prompts for this class! We’ll discuss all aspects of anthropology—cultural anthropology, archaeology, physical/biological anthropology, and linguistics.

You’ll get a peek into the minds of anthropologists and archaeologists and have exclusive access to content created during my Capstone Course at Pacific Lutheran University where I earned my B.A. in anthropology.

Workshop Description:

Agatha Christie, Diana Gabaldon, Elizabeth Peters, Kathy Reichs, Nora Roberts, and Laura Zats have something in common: their novels have aspects of anthropology! In this adventure-filled workshop, we will explore how you can use anthropology to enrich your characters and their worlds.

Did you know award-winning writer Ursula K. LeGuin learned to create worlds by exploring cultures and mythos with her father, the notable anthropologist Alfred Kroeber? By looking at written and film examples and working through several writing prompts, we will explore the breadth and depth of culture. By the end of this workshop, you’ll be versed in anthropological terms and will be familiar with archaeology, biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, and physical anthropology. You’ll come away with a clearer understanding of our history and prompts for further exploration.

Cost: FFP Members:$20.00/Non-Members: $30.00

Come join me and FF&P for some writer fun and pick my brain about all things anthropological!

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Hey, I'm Darlene, a nomadic writer and teacher. If you're looking for writing prompts, inspiration, and a fellow writer to commiserate with, you've come to the right place. If you're a reader looking for a fun mix of poetry, romance, science and fiction, you've found a buddy!
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10 Responses to Anthropology, Archaeology, & Romance A Workshop for Writers

  1. I’m currently minoring in Anthropology and majoring in Creative Writing! I’m taking an archaeology class now!

    • It’s an awesome combination! What’s your favorite part of anthro?

      • I’ve only taken a few Anthropology classes, by I have to say by far, Archaeology is my favorite class! I’m currently taking it and our professor keeps showing pictures of his digs and it’s just pure amazement.

      • Archaeology was my favorite too! I loved looking at the baskets and how they were preserved in different sections of the world, flint knapping, and my professor’s photos too.

      • Same here! My professor has brought onyx he’s found on digs that were shaped into usable objects and that was just the best part! I was hoping to go on a dig this summer, but I wasn’t able to get funding. Our school does digs every summer though, so I should be able to go on one or two!

      • That is cool! I hear you. I want to go on a dig too but am searching for funding. Good luck and keep me up to date. Love hearing about others experiences.

      • Haha, yeah! They are surprisingly cheaper than vacations, but still pretty expensive! And same to you, I love hearing about other peoples passions!

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