“When Ash Remains” Review

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I received When Ash Remains by Dena Garson in exchange for an honest review. This is a paranormal romance, and adds the subgenres historical and Native American.


When Ashes Remain, Dena Garson

First, a bit about the author: Dena Garson is an award-winning author of contemporary, paranormal, fantasy, and science fiction romance. According to her Goodreads Author page, when writers block attacks, she makes “beaded jewelry and trinkets” and loves “the colors, shapes, and textures of the beads.” Solid advice – when you can’t focus, do something else and come back to it. Your brain might need recharging.

This is the story of Ahyoka and Kajika, two Native Americans brought together by destiny. Kajika is a alpha warrior who finds her while hunting the killer of his cousin and his family. Ahyoka is a Spirit Talker who speaks with the spirits of animals, nature, and ancestors. Together they must battle unforeseen forces and Kajika’s reticence to believe her to overcome their enemy and potentially win each other’s hearts. Will destiny prevail?

I’d love to have tea and a chat with Ahyoka. Her character was believable and had depth.

The spiritual elements of the novel were well done. For example:

Just as he let the arrow loose, she woke with a start.

Awake, Spirit Talker.

A man.

He watches.

A man.

He comes.

A man.

He hunts.

Ahyoka listened to the sounds of the spirits around her. Even without their warning, she would have sensed the presence in the shadows.

When Ash Remains, Dena Garson

It was romantic. I’d give it a three and a half hearts out of five on a heat level – there were several steamy moments. For lovers of romance, it hits the lusty romance notes. The romance was overshadowed by the paranormal elements and I liked it that way.

There were a few moments when I was pulled out of the story because of voice or word choice. Part of the story I found hard to believe was the ease with which Kajika became okay with Ahyoka’s abilities.

The plot was strong and well-paced. Each time the connection to nature and spirit was made was honest and well executed.

My rating: yellow-star-hiyellow-star-hiyellow-star-hi

Three stars. A good paranormal romance read.


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  1. Good article. I am experiencing a few of these issues as well..

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